Thursday, September 20, 2007


Position Update: NTRI

Here is the fuckballed report from Citi.

Inadvertently, the analyst caused a crisis of confidence amongst NTRI shareholders. The company has to be pissed.

Oil is for rich, asshats.
Nonetheless, it is gay.
Looks like a gift horse buying opp on NTRI. Selling some Oct 45 puts seems like taking candy from a baby.
You know what is gay? Not buying PTT.

Who doesn't like titties and beer?
I predict a rally into the close, put the golden bear up.
Oh, and I just bought some CELG.

Cramer doing drug stocks, lets hope he mentions it.

You make a good point. That is why I would throw money at BWLD if they merged w. Hooters.

PTT, not so much of a brand barrier there.
Goog goog goog gooog goog goog
just bought more options, come on cramer
EMC for QLGC rumors ... heavy call buying
I hate titties and beer.
Anyone buying FMCN on this dip?
I like PTT, but I'm already long RICK.
Heh Fly am I reading this right...

IIG 67% of float short, IIG buying back 30% of the company?

Perfect Storm!

My guess, iiG is not publicly traded by X-mas.
So what happens to all the shorts if the company goes private?
KMorph -- are you familiar with the term "BOHICA?"
I am now. And what a wonderful term it is.
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