Monday, September 10, 2007


Quick Alert: Back from a Nap

Apparently, the weakness infecting the financials and homies cannot drag the market lower. To me, this is a clear buy signal, for select sectors, such as energy, tech and basic material stocks.

In order to trade the basic resource stocks, you have to possess a "calculator brain" or be a "space alien magician." Fortunately, for you, "The Fly" is a Monster Energy soda drinking "space alien magician," fully armed with a "calculator brain."

Right now, on this dip, I like CLF and CENX.

Also, there is marked strength in the food and beverage sector. There, I like HANS and BWLD (football season has begun).

Finally, as you know, AAPL and RIMM are off to the races. And, in the midst of the retail blowup, I like JCG and AEO-- on this dip.

In short, the market still blows. Go back to sleep.

NOTE: In case you didn't know, Dodge and Cox reported a 10.2% stake in MOT. Capital Research & Mgmt. reported a 11.1% stake in YHOO. And billionaire businessman Joseph Lewis took down 7% of BSC.

Hey Danny, what's that you were saying about ABAT? In all seriousness I agree with what you were saying, I just thought I would give you a hard time. DW
Also, what does anyone have to say about SSTR in light of the positive expectations for their game Flatout? I'm in at 2.24. Thanks, DW
Pardon, Senor?

Eet seem there will be leetle gaahs comb-eeng from Meh-hee-ho today.

Not counteeng the burrito flatus.


I think the Mafia is in long again!

Where's the volume to this market? It's dead out there...

It's in UNG over the last half hour or so.
Holy schit it looks like some kind of internet garbonzo bean right now.

Growing to the sky.

Or $37.
Okay there's $37....

Whats up with UNG?

Got some cane's acomin or something?

and your little dog too!
Now, the question....

Short UNG here at 37.08?

You must have a high SAT score.
Observation-OIH,XLE are down even with a stock and crude recovery. I haven't seen this in awhile. Any comments?
Double top on UNG here?
my guess is they created the UNG for the mafia to hedge their natgas futures bets ... same with USO for west intermediate

nat gas is underperforming UNG last few days ... maybe it starts playing ketchup

CrudeBroker - comments please?
Lori -
They do have NI, and are therefore superior to MVIS.

Congrats on your gains. I still hate the stock and it's inferior IR department. One day, even if it has a 500m mkt cap. I'll invest, if it really is all that.

Conceptually, it seems too easy to me to get "carried away" thinking about "china" and "batteries (ubiquitous). Just imagine...

Did bob pisani just say when he read about the evils of drinking he gave up reading? Maybe he's shitfaced, and that explains his blathering.
bruce, what did they make for the yakuza?
Yes, ladies and germs, that's Golden Slachs ripping the market a new ass.

Of the oft be-scaredy-catted "financials."

Possessing only an "abacus-brain," I would still not wish to be short LAZ-arus as he rises from the dead.

(Also of the oft-besquinted "financials")
Danny .. I used mafia as a generic term for the house that controls the action & has everything rigged in its favor .
That's why I am joining to mafia. I will be capo in your lifetime.

And by that of course I mean, someday I'll be part of the house manipulating laughing(kid)stock with my 10,000 share orders split into 100 share blocks.

goddamit that would be cool.
Broker UNG is at my cost basis right now and I am wondering what you think of buying Oct 34 puts on it to hedge my position? 2 puts for every 100 shares? Thoughts? Stupid or good move?
I'm not much given to conspiracy theories ... let me put it this way: I have friends who are traders for 10+ billion hedge funds & trade bonds for one of the big international banks . They get the flow of info before me, you, Broker A & everyone here, from the brokers who make fortunes in commish from them. ie - Upgrades before they come out are given to select clients.

The odds are considerably in their favor .. not that they can't lose.
A nice bearish little piece out today on VMW by Thinkequity.

It's only up 14% on the "bearish" news.
CNBC is gay!
Took my GG and UNGawa profits and sunk them into more SLW and GG.

If anyone gives a schinola.
Sorry, the above should read "took my GS and UNGawa profits..."
I try to tell you Seenyour.
"nat gas is underperforming UNG last few days ... maybe it starts playing ketchup"

That right there hit the nail on the head. If the fuckers did it right it should be tick for tick, percentage wise. It's not.
UNG is supposed to follow NGV7, not the other way around. You can't roll UNG between the months depending on time value money, storage and so on.

You guys fucking around with UNG, will get fucked. Mark my words. It will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow.
I already banked coin on UNG today.

Maybe the answer is "daytrade it, don't fade it."
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