Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Quick Alert: "The Fly" is better than you.

You may resume your day.

UPDATE: "Joe" is better than you, even "The Fly."

"Hedge" go eat some oatmeal.
All hail the stock king, er queen.
People of high self-esteem are not driven to make themselves superior to others;they do not seek to prove their value by measuring themselves
against a comparative standard. Their joy is in being who they are, not in being better than someone else.
People of high self-esteem-- don't invest in IIG... thats why he's stacking wood.
King Fly:

As you know, none of which you say can be proven, scientifically or in a court of law.

Without having to go into tedious detail, as to why I'm so much better than you, just know it is true.

Find joy in knowing there are people out there, who do not sit on bullshit $400 chairs from SPLS or take anonymous blog rantings to heart.
Did LLNW just paint $10?

I believe it did.

I love it.
Fly seems like you are pumping yourself up before going into the ring.
Lemmie just say that if the Fly was better than me he would be banking serious coin this morning on XFML - Cigars has you on that Flyman. If the Fly was better than me he wouldn't be so insecure with his studtronic that he has to blast those that drink adult beverages from triangle glasses. And finally, if the Fly was better than me he would need to fuckin ask the question! Due, are you like about 4 foot nothing and incapable of growing facial hair (note the mustache comments). So, man up shop for your rib eyes (aka, spam) and bottles of Monster (aka, grape knee high) and shut the fuck up! Oh wait, its your blog. My bad. You are better than me.

If any of that shit was said to my face, I'd have someone punch your fucking eyebrows off.

There is no need to refer to Monster in "bottles."

They come in cans, fuckface.

Little metal cans.

What the fuck?
fly: thou art better than me !

now that thats out of the way; I know you wouldn't mind marking up MVIS into Q/E .. say a bit over $5.00 ?

thanks in advance
Thank you Bruce.

Let me work on it.

$5 you say?

Will $4.90 work?
You take it to 4.90 & I'll take it to 5

After further review, I fixed the post to reflect the truth.
"Joe is God"

Photo of "Joe" added.
Dude, I spewed my latte all over my monitors. No, I'm not gay - not that there is anything wrong with that. Love the guns.
"Joe" is Fly's trader / servant, no?
You do Joe a service.

Actual pic... "The Staredown"
Stockhead-- I think that would "JOSE"
LMAO. great pic.
That's one hell of a website.

I guess VG patents are worthless and they are going to "0" wow thats fucked up.
Cannot take credit for the website.

Someone else here posted it the other day. I thought maybe it was you, Fly.

Might've been Bruce or Crude.
because you fucking cheat

If that's the case, I'm nonplussed by your whining.

Why not just draft off the free info?
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