Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Quick Alert: "The Fly" is no longer a Met Fan

Despite cheering for these fucking losers for three decades, I've decided to quit rooting for sacks of shit, in favor of the most winningest franchise in all of sports: the New York Yankees. That's right, it's that simple and cold hearted. Go Phillies or Braves, whatever.

I hate them (Mets).

Fuck the Mets and their junior varsity pitching staff and may Willie Randolph's home fall into the Atlantic Ocean, via freak tornado aka "twister of death."

Yeah, fuck the Metropolitans Fly. Yankees rule. But Giuliani is a douchesack. Sorry for the political commentary.
(deep booming voice)

Welcome to the Dark Side, Luke.

(/deep booming voice)
He's a douchesack, but he's ten light years better than Hitlery.

I can't believe -- that's right, I just cannot believe -- that the American public would go into such a full frontal lobe coma to allow such a person into the WH.

Jack the Convict would make a great President.

He would have eaten that Iranian guy, while jabbering at Columbia.

How could you fuck with a country, whose President is willing to eat you?


Elect Jack the Convict, 2008.

(However, I may have to find his reincarnated body, since he's been dead for 8 years.)

How can you abandon your first (baseball) love for such an overpaid cast of asshats like the Yankees?

Granted the only player I like and respect on that team is Jeter. The rest of them can go ram-test ROCM product 'til they turn blue. Right, Jakie?
A. You must be a Red Sox fan.

B. The Mets are about to complete the biggest choke job in the history of baseball.

I spit on the Mets bullpen.
Here's the thing:

Do Not Disrespect Ridley Scott

Farking urethra rammers.
Stockhead, you must be one of the 290 million Americans who get off on being Yankee haters.

I pity you.

In the meantime, how can you have hatred for George (pronounced "Hor-hay," fuckwads) Posada and Melke Cabrera?
Let us not forget that Ridley Scott also did Alien.

How much fucking talent does that guy have?

I believe the German term is:


Ok, I also like Rivera. But that's where it ends.

I don't hate the Yankees. I just like to see them lose.

And his name is spelled "Jorge", not George. And you call yourself a Yankee fan? Get it right. Jeesh.
I bet half the Yankee fans don't know it's "Jorge".

The other half probably think it's "Gorge".

...and these are the folks you want to align yourself with, Fly?
Here's an idea:

Yankee names should be spelled phonetically for the sake of fan ignorance.

"Jorge" = "Whore-Hey" Poe-sada

"Melky" = "Milky" Cub-brerra

"Hideki" = "Head dickie" Matt-Sue-We

etc, etc.

"Let's hoist that one up a flagpole and see if they salute it."
Three decades is a long time for this love/hate relationship you have with the Mets.

Have you seen your therapist lately?

....Now it's time to (yawn) go to bed.
Jake - its that same American public that may go into such a full frontal lobe coma to allow such a person (Hillary) into the WH, that put the current crop of asshats, asshattery & goat fuckers in there.

Go Jankees ... not that I really care or even follow baseball any more

Broker, who will you root for if theres a subway series? Even I, a lifelong Jankees fan, would root for the Mets.

The Mets have broken my father's heart these last few weeks.

As for me, I quit watching baseball in 2001 when I decided there were more important things to do with my time like, rage against the machine.

I also quit golf that year... best decision ever. No offense Tradercaddy...

None taken.

What's with WNR? Think this is a good entry? It's right on a weekly trend line and it's been relatively weak while crude has been rallying.

Just wondering,

SBUX getting whacked a bit this morning on Bank of America downgrade to sell.

Broker Action:

Banc of America Securities downgraded Seattle-based coffee chain Starbucks Corp. to sell from neutral, saying the inflection point on slower growth has been reached. (SBUX)
Stockhead, remain a stockhead and do not become a dickhead.

You really think I don't know how to spell my catcher's name?

Same as the owner: Jorge Steinbrenner.

Brucie, I tend to agree with you, but I am in the lesser of two evils camp - which is the best you can hope for, really.

And at least Bush kept the economy going (and the market, let's not forget) with his in the nick o' time tax cuts. And although he's pretty ham handed in the whole defense thing (wtf -- the whole country is out of practice) he at least recognizes the threat. God help us if that socialist hag gets in.

Awright no more poltics.

Don't do it. Fan allegiance isn't something to toss aside based on a bad stretch of games. As an Indians fan I've dealt with decades where our best finish was fourth.

Separately, just a couple days ago I mentioned that some stocks may not be as bad as they seem but the timing was just off. Check out DIVX up 9% in premarket. Here's why:
Eff, and Willie Randolph's a great guy and a classic Yankee second basemen.

Remember that the Yankees are your new team and that we do not disrespect ring bearers -- not even Reggie Jackson.

We cannot blame Willie for having run into the Peter Principal.
This is not really a political comment but...

Is anyone else surprised by the sudden rise of Barak Obama?

Don't get me wrong, he's about as deep as sheet of looseleaf, at least experience wise, but how come no one else has commented on the fact that he was a state senator from Illinois two years ago, and now he's running for Prez?

You know why? Because, to Brucie's point -- 99% of the reason he's gotten there that fast is because he is one handsome black man. Seriously. Look at the farking guy. Like, really good looking.

I hope that wasn't too gay.

Sorry. You have never been tortured like this, ever. What the Mets are doing is unprecedented.

They are making history, for the biggest late season collapse in the history of sports.

Never said SBUX was ready to run.

It will take time. Revisit SBUX in January.

However, it's worth noting, October is the stocks best month.
I still don't understand how you are/were a Mets fan to begin with. Considering how much "coin the Fly banks", it should be embarrassing to associate yourself amongst a bunch of filthy blue-collar fans. Leave the Mets to your plumber (and maybe Frank the contractor).

I grew up poor.

Plus, Grandpa was a Mets fan. I really didn't have a choice.
I remember the '64 Phillies collapse as brutal. They were up something like 7 games with 12 left and they lost the title by one game. They lost 10 games in a row. Good hitters on that team-Johmmy Callison,Cookie Rojas, etc.
I seem to recall the Red Sox enduring quite a few late season collapses in my day.

Like a coupla hundred.


And yes, by some bizarre rule of the universe, your choice in baseball teams is almost completely determined by your (usually paternal) grandfather's rooting interest.

Because of the betrayal of both the Dodgers and (NY baseball) Giants, this unfortunate fact has consigned many an unsuspecting lad born after those departures to a life of glum Metfandom.

Never been tortured???

Never mind two years ago when the Indians lost six of their last seven when one more win would have clinched the wild card.

If the Red Sox win behind Beckett tonight and the Yankees lose to Tampa Bay ace Scott Kazmir, the division will officially belong to Boston.

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