Friday, September 07, 2007


Quick Alert: The Mets Won; The Market is Saved

As you know, "The Fly" is very superstitous. Feel better knowing, when I attend ballgames and the Mets win, shortly thereafter, the market proceeds to crack the necks of bearshitters, via uber ignorant bull run.

Also, Don "Dollar" Danks managed to close iiG up-- and MVIS was hardly down. Oh, mysteriously, my OEH closed up. Looks like someone wants to buy some high end hotels.

I will now resume alcohol intake: bourbon, no chaser (chasers are for pussies).

UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter, I read the nasty little things that fuckball at "Dope on a Rope" had to say. Let me make two quick points.

1. "The Fly" has an IQ of 155 or much higher than yours. Please check your grammar and syntax, at best, it is on a 7th grade level.

2. If you said any of that shit to my face, I'd have someone knock your eyebrows, mustache and chest hairs-- clean off your face and torso. Keep my name out of your filthy, bearshitting mouth.


"........And why anyone bothers visiting his little blog is beyond me."

Little blog? This site get about 5,000 hits a fucking day. Knight should thank you for all the traffic he gets from this masterpiece.

Keep up the good work my boy.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just read "Fag on a Rags" latest post. Not a fan of that bear fuck who dines in hell.
iiG will end its existence by imploding in scandal, the only question is when and how many F-tards they can fleece before it happens. Potential coin to be banked in the interim riding the scam because they make the number look good but investors and customers should be prepared to "Take a wide stance" Sen Craig style on the lawsuit laden way back down.
I tend to think there's a toe-tapping end to IIG coming as well.

But then, that is then and this is now, SE Hinton.

Word about the Timbo. He's extremely insecure, hence the need to lash out at other blogs.

He also doesn't follow any sports except -- get this... figure skating.

No shinola.
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