Friday, September 21, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Alternative Energy

Hey assholes, quit using my blog as a forum to spew your small town thinking. "The Fly" is into making big money, off of little people. Your rhetoric is stupid; your grammar is laughable.

As you can see, the bears are getting their lips punched off, especially in the metals. As you know, my long term favorites in the metals are KALU, RS, CENX and ATI.

Thus far, there is broad strength, but not excessive. Meaning: there is still a chance for the bears to mount an attack. However, there are notable winners, such as: LULU, INFN, DECK, TXN, NINE, ATV, BIDZ, NILE, OSTK, ORCL, RIMM and iiG.

That's right fuckface, I said iiG. Where are the fucking snide remarks, doubting "Dollar Danks" now? Where are the pussified emails asking: "gee Fly, is IIG still good"?

Go ahead, bet against me. Next thing you know, your house is being foreclosed on.

Finally, the rate cut has given jet fuel to the rally in crude. As a result, oil is at new highs and oil stocks are on fire. Today, big rallies can be found in SHI, PTR, CEO, ENG, SNP, NOV, DK and DWSN. In addition, there is a monster rally in alternative energy stocks, such as FSLR, ENER, EEE, LDK, JASO, GPRE, HOKU, DSTI and SUF.

UPDATE: Since we're on the topic of oil. Check this out. Never doubt "The Fly." He's much smarter than you.


*Put this in your pipe and smoke it

Check TSL too. I picked some up just over $50, looks good to follow the rest of the solars.

Serenity NOW!

you dump your CGX after the decision? Looks like your "tip" was accurate.
BLUD getting ready to let some short blood fly.
mmmmm... BRUD..... Dericious.
Hot sector too, Jake, and in the IBD 100.

Based on today's breakout (assuming it holds) it might be black boxed this weekend.

Know anything of XFML? Another china advertising co, way off it's Feb IPO. 222% Y/Y growth. Olympics coming. What do you think?
LOL Jake, although, I should have brought my shotgun to kill those damn birds which were making too much noise.
Shed... are you in Nash Vegas too?

I've had BRUD for a long time. Know one of the founders.
Nah, but I visit there regularly. My wife and I are songwriters, as gay as that sounds...

Anyway, we are in Richmond Va.

I've watched BRUD for many months waiting for the breakout. I added to my position earlier today.
May have told you this... my little bro is in Richmond... and he owns some BRUD too.

We are BRUD brothers.
Tell him we need to meet up sometime for drinks.

You need to credit me for meantioning TSL in one of my old comments here. I said if you like volatility, check out TSL. Long it at $40 and short it at $70. When I said it was at $40. I did not buy it myself since I was handful in SWC.

I shorted FSLR on Friday at $110. This is the only toxic solar player, based on a technology which is based on CdTe. Cadmium is extremely harmful to the environment. The whole technology is not going any where.

I plan to short TSL at $70. $50-ish is a price that is hard to judge which way it will move.
Here is where I commented on TSL. It was on August 16 and my comment posted at 11:15pm. TSL was at $40. I said:

"If you love swing trading volatile stock, try TSL. I think $40 is probably the bottom, and $70+ is probably the top. I traded it twice in the past, both long and short. Both very profitable."
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