Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Chinese Solar Burrito's

Don't be fooled by the asshattery taking place in the Chinese Solar Burrito sector. If there is one thing "The Fly" knows it's you will get your hat eaten for you, being a long term investor in the sector.

Everyone is feeling jubilant these days, as money gets tossed around like paper plates. Just a few weeks ago, everyone was ready to jump off a cliff, thanks in large part to a 9% dip in the indices.

I look at RIMM trading north of $100, post 3:1 split, and think about my cost basis of $18 and ponder: Is anyone better than me?

However, unlike many of you, I realize this shit has to end. So, just in case, I've been selling down positions, in order to be in a position to buy your margins calls, the next time we correct.

Now, there are some stocks "The Fly" does not sell, such as GME, AAPL, RIMM, MVIS and GILD. For the most part, I'm up anywhere between 2-10 times my original investment, on the above names.

As you know, "The Fly" is much smarter than you. Don't try this at home. You're liable to blow yourself up.

Just yesterday, I was tempted to buy 10,000 SOLF @ $13.50. As a matter of fact, I had the order in, but pulled it. Obviously, seeing it trade up to $15.74 today angers me, but who cares?

Buying SOLF would have violated everything "The Fly" stands for, which varies from day to day. In short, if I'm going to have my legs snapped in half, I'd rather it happen with the baseball bat that I know, instead of some stupid solar powered leg snapping machine. If you get my drift.

Looking at today's tape, I wouldn't be surprised to see some weakness. With my money, I like iiG, BWLD and short LAZ, right here.

NOTE: Please take the "Fly Survey." Are you bullish or bearish?

great post
Fuck you.

Nah, just kidding.

No, but seriously, fuck you.
my favorite lines - however the whole post was great

Buying SOLF would have violated everything "The Fly" stands for, which varies from day to day.

just in case, I've been selling down positions, in order to be in a position to buy your margins calls

I look at RIMM trading north of $100, post 3:1 split, and think about my cost basis of $18 and ponder: Is anyone better than me?
You are a great repeater of my work.

I might spare your mustache, whenever the punching of the mustache's begins.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Solar reminds me of Ethanol last year...mmmmm burrito's
Start punching your own mustache for pretending you dont know that XFML is up like 50% in 6 hours...

By the way, it needs to be said. SWC sucks.
Please tell me none of you really have mustaches and we're just being metaphorical.


I mean, I know you're a big fan of Keith Hernandez drinking cold ones down at "the Library" but pleeeeze.
Money flows have been going into fewer and fewer sectors and stocks. The momo daytraders are going nuts a/k/a 1999-2000 as they play last one holding the bag. Its going to get ugly.
Nice fucking call on XFML.

I'd rather be a POW in Iraq, than have a mustache, free, here.
I have a goatee. Fuck you in advance.
Goatees are taking "faggoty" to a whole new level, Shed.


Down here we call 'em "prison pussy."
Prepare for many "goatee/fucker" increasingly brutal analogies.
I hate being banned with all this cool mustache talk, although I have only really hairy legs.

What do I need to do to be allowed back?
GG is nice here at 29.20 or so, but if you can get it at $29 even... better.
I once had a goatee, then it got knocked off by the dot com crash.

Since then, I shave my face, like a human being.

Goat-ee fucker. Migh as well move to Romania and herd goat, with your goat-ee.
That's where the term game from, actually.

Romanian goat farmers... little to do all day. Got increasingly tired of wiping the goat-ism from their chins. Simple solution: "the goatee."
David Feherty of Cobra golf commercials and an announcer fo PGA events has the perfect goatee for his personality.
Thanks for the kudus. But I still hate you for scaring me with a GME buy at 50.

I guess if i bought it at 6, I wouldnt pay much attention to it either.

whats up with VMI? That one has been making new 52 wk highs for awhile, then suddenly down. Analyst downgrade? Same douchebag that hammered LNN?
Investment bankers, brokers, banks, coming off lows very nicely.
Fuck you all. My wife loves the goatee (she has seen with and without), and I have to beat the single and married women off of me with a stick at work.

So, either that is working for me, or its the Axe body spray.
Anybody help me under stand why SLB is selling off like mad?
Sorry for the truckload of grammatical errors, Fly.
Fuckers. I bet you all have more hairs growing from your fucking nipples than you do from your fucking heads. Bald fucks.
Apology not accepted.
No need to try and figure out why SLB is down and HAL is up-probably hedge fund boredom. More than likely we will see a downgrade of SLB soon and the assholes are frontrunning it before its public. Call me cynical.
TC- that seems likely for SLB.
Hey joe, here is who just invested in XFML. Would never beleive I was on the side of a couple of stinkin liberals. I now love Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson. Kill me.

Yucaipa has a hungry eye for picking out ripe bargains in different industries, but made its name with grocery stores. The investment company forged its reputation as the ultimate grocery shopper, executing a series of grocery chain mergers and acquisitions involving such companies as Fred Meyer, Ralphs, and Jurgensen's that put the company on the supermarket map. The Yucaipa Companies currently owns stakes in Wild Oats, Pathmark, and SUPERVALU. The company's chairman, billionaire and former grocery store bag boy Ron Burkle, is a prominent Democratic activist and fundraiser; former president Bill Clinton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson serve as advisors to the company.
Shed, no disrespect, but if your wife likes you better with prison pussy obscuring your face, I wouldn't take it as a compliment, necessarily.

And no, no nipple hairs yet. No baldness either.


Bruce, thanks for putting me off lunch.
Sorry, Bruce, not you, but Crude, with his hideous facial hair webpage.

lmao @ Jake.

There is no obscuring going on. It is complimentary.
Maybe she's just got a "Jim Rome" thing goin'?

Better check her cell records.
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