Monday, September 10, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Energy

Cramer is a bowl of joy this morning, huh? It's like watching the fucking Grim Reaper opine on the latest developments in housing.

Speaking of housing, my AXR posted good numbers this morning. No one cares.

Oh, and LAZ ("The Fly" is short) is buckling under, as investors "figure it out."

Thus far, the market is a mixed bag, and could go either way. Decent gains can be found in natty, metals and semi's, while weakness permeates the homies, brokers and retail.

This paradigm cannot continue, by the way. It's too easy. Either the bargain buyers step into the financials, homies and retail or they get obliterated. Bottom line, this slow drip shit won't last.

Within the energy sector, there is momentum in CEO, GASS, UNG and HOKU, while vast weakness affects HOC, TSO, VLO, BTJ, ALJ and DK.

As for me:

I think it makes sense to take a nap, while being long SRS-- and short LAZ. In my opinion, no way in hell those lazy fuckers from LAZ meet their numbers. They're a "deal firm." Guess what?

There are no deals.

Aside from that, I'm disgusted by the fuckers on CNBC, with their "hurry up and sell your house before it's too late" commentary.

Can't wait for FOX.

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My GES short which I took Friday is banking coin, as I pat myself on the back.
Good call Fly. Hopefully, you have some time this weekend to post some funny shit.
what's up with IIG?
Did you get any updates on MVIS yet? I think we are long overdue.
Thanks in advance.
imo , shorts are trying to break IIG

they want a close below 18.0 & then another one below 17.5

the company has said they will buy back stock .. the last couple days, they lifted it almost a buck in the last 30 minutes .. will they show up today, who knows
hey fly, we still have the bet that cors will see $10 before $25. looking forward to that bottle of cheap scotch. no temper tantrums, just yes or no.

your friend, richard.
Watching Large Cap Tech creep up-CSCO,MSFT,SMH,AMAT,etc. Q's looking good. JPM long on the financials looking good.
Anyone with thoughts/comments on NTGR?

Fly? Bueller?
For you RIMM bulls.........

Today, Reliance Communications Ltd.,India's second-biggest mobile-phone operator, began offering Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry service in India.

China & India added more than 15M net new subscribers to their wireless services in the month of July and that's an increase of their growth rate to 40% YY.
BX is going to rocket when the Fed cuts rates.
You're crazy. No one is erasing your posts.

NTGR sucks.

iiG going higher.

GES way over valued.

CORS will not hit $10.

LAZ sucks balls.

Did I miss anything?
Oh, BX is cheap. But, they suck balls too.
Do we end higher today?
IMO the fate of BX is in the hands of the goons in Congress vis-a-vie taxation. I read GS is spending millions on lobbying.
Ragin cajun,
I think so.

Are you getting long any financials or retail anticipating the fed to cut?

What do you think about BX as a trade going into the 18th?
No financials for me.

I do like AEO right here.
Broker ... was AXR an earnings flip for you or you like long term?
Fed will cut---it's baked in the prices already. A 25 bps cut is a given. People are talking 50 bps. What we need is a big surprise, like 75 bps (yeah, like that's gonna happen)

Obviously, we don't need a "do nothing, sit on the hands", surprise.

Staying away from financials. Reward is not there for the risk.
I want to see if BX can hold $20.00. LEH,GS may be a better play. BX fate is with Congress and how well China holds up since they have a good size interest over there in addition to Chinese owing some of BX. Joe Lewis purchase of some of BSC is interesting. He lives in Orlando part time and made his $$ in FX. He aint no dummy.
Poor Hilary if the Fed cuts aggressively. Throughout her presidence she'd have to deal with deflation.

I really don't know what will happen on the 18th but I can build a case for why the Fed shouldn't cut rates at all. All you cheerleaders want several cuts and I just don't get it. Mid/long-term, there's no escaping the "day of reckoning". Play both sides of the market for god's sake.

Massively long USDCAD right now...
Poor Hilary if the Fed cuts aggressively. Throughout her presidence she'd have to deal with deflation.

First of all, fuck her.

Second of all, how do you get deflation out of a rate cut?
Caddy, I'm long JPM and GS as well.

Hedging my PM positions with those market manipulating sob's.
bewford - agree with you completely regarding the rate cutting cheerleaders...
Daytraders: NVDA breakout imminent
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This comment has been removed by the author.
bot NVDA @ $50.68---two can play this game.
This comment has been removed by the author.
it's staying above the 34 ema so far on better volume.

LGP are you looking at the 1 minute candles?...just had a big engulfing pattern...could be heading down.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
I agree. Last 15 min bar was engulfing. Now for confirmation of direction.
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failing on the 1 min candles

This comment has been removed by the author.
you working on a time and price stop?
3 white soldiers on the 1 minute-- looking bullish here.....

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm out of NVDA 51.00. Reversal
I may play again at the 34 ema 50.81 (1 min)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Got out with 32 pts, not bad for a 30 minute trade.

Good luck in the last 1/2 hr. Appreciate it.

Thanks for the alert on NVDA.

It gave me something to do the last hour.
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