Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

Wow, this is pretty cool. I'm over here eating an immense bowl of sugary oatmeal, while the market is fucking melting the bears away. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Now, if MVIS could just make believe it was alive, everything would be perfect.

I'm tempted to blow out my LEH, at these levels, and count my blessings. With numbers due out on Tuesday, only God and my Voodoo "Physician" knows what will happen. Believe me, I've tried bribing my Voodoo Physician with all sorts of live Romanian goats; he will not tell.

Today, the big winners are the brokers, metals and retail stocks.

Wouldn't it be something if the brokers blew away numbers, next week? If so, buckle up, we're going back to new highs.

That would be terribly fucked up for the bearshitters. Terribly.

So, in short, "The Fly" is pleased with today's melt up, despite being beaten like a fool in his LAZ short and SRS long. Moreover, several of his new, and might I add gay, positions refuse to melt with the market, such as AXR (fuck you), iiG (fuck you again) and last but not least LLNW (fuck off).

NOTE: Late yesterday, I "rolled the dice" on SiRF. As you know, I only give you (internet money losers) my bad picks.

I am all beared up over next week ... don't get complacent is all I can say

ain't out of the woods by a longshot
You better pray the LEH numbers are bad, else off with your head.
I'm not praying for anything .. just saying

I'm hedging out going into the weekend ... putting on those ultra reverse etf's
if u do a survey, you have my vote

Long SiRF. you jut didn't tell us. LOL!!!
No, I didn't.

Why bother?
Because if you went long that other scat you proffered, you'd be a serf?
Don't give up on that Lizard Bros short now.

They are not benefitting near what the capital trading brethren are today.
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