Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

Didn't I tell you, you fuckers are always wrong? Perhaps it's the demographic or socioeconomic blend, but you guys suck. However, it's worth noting, "The Fly" thought LEH would miss too. But after seeing this lop sided poll (below), I should have known better.

You guys saved LEH.

On top of that, BBY fucking blew away numbers. Very impressive.

Frankly, there's too much going on now. "The Fly" is experiencing "information overload," which may result in a temporary shut down of his "calculator brain." I'll have you know, when the "calculator brain" shuts down, "The Fly" likes to eat lots of jelly donuts.

As for today's Fed meeting:

The great bearded one will save the day. He is going to cut rates and "knee cap" the shorts.


No, seriously, he's a fucktard, who will have little bearing on the direction of the market. Trust me, I just got back from the future. You know, in my "time machine."

Regarding the financials:

They should be up a lot more, on that LEH number. In my opinion, they are screaming sells here.

As you know, with my money, I will sell short LAZ, many times today.

Off to the donut shop.

Fucktards below.

Will LEH post bad numbers on Tuesday? [67 votes total]

Yes (41) 61%
No (26) 39%

time to hammer on some SRS? come on, money waiting to go
you said it was the reaction to the #'s ... the jury is still out but the first few votes are coming in negatori

if bernanke cuts 25 & cuts the discount as well, I'd look to buy stocks on a selloff... if he cuts 50, the same ... if he cuts 25 & no cut in the discount, look out below
The time machine never lies, especially on the internet.
does the time machine come with caveats?

Sometimes I run out of plutonium, forcing me to lie about going to the future.
I hear Palladium will substitute. However, its use turns one into a blathering idiot- as evidence, I give you jj.

Worth the trade off?

Depends on how many shiny things the wife wants and how much she really loves you.
lol @ M.
NILE the bear slayer
MVIS? WTF? I keep picturing a fucking pig with an apple stuffed in its mouth. Damn the silence!
August foreclosures up 115% YOY to 244k and 36% from July

One in 510 households saw their home foreclosed last month.

AZ 1 in 165
CA 1 in 224
FL 1 in 243
Bruce, hopefully this teaches those people a lesson.
if they ever recover

the homeless population is gonna balloon & we are gonna be paying cops to sweep them off the streets & keep them out of our eyesight
I hate LLNW as it has gone down every day since I bought the fucker.
Bruce, don't let the fear control you.
LLNW may remain heavy thru tax loss selling season
fear is all you have ... of not getting what you want, of losing what you have

there is nothing else moving you & motivating you
If a stock moves against you (long or short) dump it and take it off your screen. Sometimes easier said than done but its essential to your mental and financial well being. I also learned not to look at your P&L during the day.
Those homeless are gonna be pissed, what with the homelessness thing plus their increased taxes viz. POTUS Fly.

Bruce - what was the name of the debtor's prison REIT you were recc'ing again?
Bruce, believe it or not, being consumed by fear is no way to manage your money/investments.

TC, I lost something like 20 balls trying to play golf on the w/e. I wrapped my driver around a post on the 11th tee.
Jake, going forward I think there will be a higher incidence of Ghetto Judo in the streets. Now THAT is something to fear. Those people have no mercy.

IB's ramping, oil ready to crater.
MD-The only course I have been to in your area was at Sunriver near Bend. Beautiful country,but a little scary for a Florida person driving over the mountains in the dark.
fear is a software program that usually runs in the background without one knowing it ... occasionally it comes to the surface in times of need or with a virus of some kind .. fear controls you whether you know it or not ... sometimes it will paralyze you & you won't be able to do a thing about it ... then it will recede into the background making one think they have conquered fear .... not a chance

you couldn't live without it

all these fuckers setting up shop with solutions for conquering fear are all snake oil salesmen ... they will never deliver the goods ... when fear recedes, they say "see! our method works!"

bullshit .. that is the natural course of life

and i am outta here till 2pm
Fear is the mind killer, Old Jedi.
fear is all you have .. when fear goes, you go

they tell you fear is a mind killer so they can sell you a solution to a non-existent problem

they aren't interested in fear, they are interested in extracting money from your pockets thru self-help books, magazines, shrinks, religions, medicines

capitalism in action
I'm afraid that bruce is right.
I fear Bruce's overwhelming cynicism.

Where's my Xanax?
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