Thursday, September 20, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Food and Beverage

Well, GS posted miraculous numbers and BSC gave us a bag of shit; but it was painted gold. As a result, both stocks are higher, as the bullish swagger is back in full force on Wall Street.

Once again, Chinese related stocks are on fire, with mind boggling gains in ZNH, JRJC, SINA, EFUT, CPSL, ATV, XING, QXM, CNTF, EJ and CSUN. What gives?

As you know, precious metals, oils and basic material stocks are all hitting new highs, while the dollar sucks meatloaf. If I were a space alien magician, who just arrived on Earth, I'd say "wow, there's a lot of fucking inflation of this shitbag planet."

Nevertheless, stock prices are thriving off of the constant devaluation of the U.S. dollar. What a conundrum.

As for food and beverage stocks:

This is when you want to start building positions, ahead of the holiday season. There is a lot of momentum in LWAY, ABV, CU, PPC, BKC, MCD, CMG,HANS, WBD, SAM, THI, DEO, IHP and K. However, my favorite, by far, thanks to full college dorms coupled with football season, is BWLD.

That's right fuckers, it's time to jump back on the BWLD chicken train.

BDUB's chart looks friggin' primed. I might have to pick me up some of that stuff, especially if you're gonna start pumping it again.

BDUB is what all the teens call Buffalo Wild Wings around here. Why? Don't know.
If you ain't playin' in China, you ain't playin' in shit. Think about it.
Its because it was originally called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, but everyone abbreviated it to BW3's. so people abbreviated the abbreviation to BDUBS
NILE is a monster ... college kids are apparently ordering jewelry with their chicken wings
How will this weakening dollar affect our ability to consume robster?
Got to give you credit on BWLD from the get go. One of your best.

Any chance they build a store in Rio Rancho, NM. That shitpile (and I do like shitpiles) is getting cheaper by the microsecond.
It's not weaker as long as your chicken wings, grain, and beer are American made/grown.
Dungfry - Wait till BWLD starts opening stores in China .. they be all over that like frys on dung
Bottom for NTRI? Can it really go any lower?
Ron Paul is the man ! Though, if he gets erected, watch out below.

I think he parties with Kass.
I'll be a contrarian.

Broom is off the rose on BWired.

They were cool about five years ago, but the kids are already going to different places to watch their sports on big screens*, drink their beer* out of plastic pitchers, and chomp on delicious but dangerously unhealthy garlic chicken wings*.

"Don't stay long" -- the mantra of all restaurant stock jockeys.

*All commodities
"BWLD chicken train"
Thanks, needed that one today.
If I can kick his ass, he should not be elected president. We need a big ass kicker for president. Someone like Roger Clemens.
Ron Paul is as dangerously out of touch with reality as Dennis Kucinich.

And that's a freaking statement.
Don't take the above as a poritical statement.

"Broom is off da lowse," of course.
Bernanke says inflation rate is only 2% ! You heard it there ... Yikes!

2% ex everything except what you can buy from GM, BBY & HOV
Loger Cremmons is kick ass, a Junkee, and a Texas Lepubrican.

Gets my vote.
Ron Paul was sooo on the money with what he said. No one else in erected office gets it like him.
But don't worry .. he'll never get erected .. stocks would get crushed bigtime & big money on the street will make sure he never gets in until they have their boatloads of puts in place.
Cramer starts saying NYX is going lower & of course its now be ripping out heart of Grizzly.
NTRI has the best system not yet released, buy the stock, and loose 20 pounds in a month! I did!
Trades and reacts like a crackwhore.
from minyanville -

Chairman Bernanke just answered Texas Representative Ron Paul's question about the "moral justification" for devaluing the US dollar, by saying that the "value" of the currency can also be measured by what it can buy domestically, and so the Fed will watch the inflation rate and "make sure" that inflation is "under control." In other words, by ignoring the question altogether and answering it with a non-sequitur; the Fed will continue the policy of devaluing the dollar by creating inflation to help combat inflation.
Ron Paul takes anal from Kass.
"Bernanke says inflation rate is only 2% ! You heard it there ..."


The Fed will shit the shower in '08 when they are forced to raise heard it here.

Buy BHP, FCX, GLD, SLV and anything commodity related. Let's see where things are at then.
For you fuckers with the ex-inflation crap, you need to read some actual data and not listen to the bearhumpers.

I don't have the actual data in front of me, so I will go from memory, (but will be happy to post it later).

The reason why food and fuel is taken out is because the prices are very volatile month to month. Year to year, the data is smoothed.

My point is that over a years time, the data shows a variation of around 1% from the ex-numbers. What that means is that we might find out that actual inflation is as high as 3%, or as low as 1%.

Either way, the bulls win.
The markets have not seen heavy Central Bank intervention in the currency market for several years. I would be on the lookout for this as we have a good setup to screw the specs. If this happens to support the Dollar its addios short term to commodities .
Did you MVIS longs see this?

Look how thick that phone is. It's a piece of shit.

You're better off carrying a fucking video camera, than mess around with that 1997 style phone.
I agree.
When the cellphone projections become commercial it will be a boon for all trial lawyers who do patent litigation. It will take years (i.e.BRCM-QCOM,RMBS,etc.) to figure out who owes what to whom.
Kmorph, if I were still on a desk and had coverage from CITI, I would absolutely ream my sales guy for that retarded CITI note.

After disappointing investors with lowered 3Q guidance, management apparently did a good job re-building investor confidence at the CITI confence since the stock held up during and after the conference. So this bozo waits until a week after the conference, after the stock had recovered $10 from the low, to publish a bullshit note reminding investors about the difficult comps and competition from ALLI. WTF? Everyone knew about the difficult comps and ALLI threat. So what's the purpose of publishing a note with absolutely no new info other than an estimate 2 million people MAY have tried ALLI? Fucking idiot.

If there's any justice, CITI will be the first bank eliminated as the lead banker if NTRI ever does an M&A deal or a financing.
WTF Cheese?

Was that a cell phone or my Dad's old RCA tv remote?

TI is little threat to MVIS. That probably why they dont show their POS very often. It is that big because it needs a COOLING fan! What a joke. Another article said it gives off a loud high pitched hummmmmm. And it uses DLP technology so it eats battery as well as burns a hole in your shirt.

Using LEDs will just make it more dim.

But they have the marketing covered.

It will be appearing on Chinese menus everywhere under: DimHumm

with robster.
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