Monday, September 24, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Food and Beverage

Just in case you are wondering, HANS is up due to a bullish Goldman note.

As for BWLD, it's football time. The street doesn't understand the BWLD story, yet. They are not like other high growth restaurant plays. BWLD is cyclical. Meaning: their restaurants are busiest during football season and when college students are back on campus, considering the amount of restaurants that are located near colleges. The best time to be long BWLD is during Super Bowl season. Aside from the bowl, there are other catalysts, such as: World Series, NCAA Tourney and College Football.

Bottom line: "The Fly" is buying this dip and making BWLD a top 10 position.

As for today's trading:

I'm enjoying incredible action in most of my positions. Right now, HANS, FMCN, FTK, BWLD, LLNW, FXI, NYX, EJ, AAPL and RIMM are up more than 3%; yet the market is hardly up.

Also, it looks like NTRI is ready to bounce. Without a doubt, this is a great entry point for NTRI, ahead of fat man season (thanksgiving).

You have to love the "fuck you, you're dead shorts" tone of this market. It's like hell in a box for them.

Good times.

I'm a Cali boy and we only have one BWLD in So Cal and it's a long way from L.A. so I'm in CT for the month and I figured I go to one in Milford to see what all the hype was about.

I went both Sat and Sun to watch the games; food was very good, as was the beer, but the service SUCKED. I had to wait 30 mins for my food BOTH days but when I would order a second order of wings, they were out pretty quick. It was crowded on Sunday but not as bad on Saturday.
We have a dozen of them here in Minneapolis. They are always packed. Good times.
"It's like hell in a box for them"

or that SNL video Dick in a box
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Dick in the box won an emmy. This one is better!
Do you like NYX here or will the quick 8 points fade?
BWLD is great. I remember this play from last year (hat tip, flyseph. Yeah, that's right, I've been reading fly for well over a year now)

I want to film the CMG in pb
..or at SDSU...for comedy's sake

THEY ARE NEVER EMPTY. I went to CMG last night at 830...5 open tables at a restaurant with 30+ 4-seat tables. And it is ALWAYS like that. Not shilling for CMG, just, it is unlike any other restaurant i go to. It even hold a candle to the in-n-out crowd.

Poll: What would you prefer a BWLD or an In-N-Out in your neighborhood? I can;t answer, I've never tried BWLD. But In-N-Out, mmm damn, shit is good.
Nice to see you got your swing back.

Thoughts on BBND?
Can't get enough of CMG!! Wish there were more in L.A. IN n Out is great but we got enough of them so I'm for BWLD.
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