Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Food and Beverage

Showing "The Fly" how to pick winning stocks is equal to showing Mark Haines how to be a fat guy. How many times do I have to tell you: don't tell me shit, I already know it.

It's in my blood, fuckface.

Naturally, every once in awhile, "The Fly" loses money on purpose, just to know what it feels like to be a loser. But, for the most part, the bull is my bitch.

Thus far, the market looks strong. I really like the action in the food and beverage sector. I believe the recent success of HANS and CMG will draw money into the sector.

Right now, KKD, JSDA, SAM, SFD, FMX and CSG look good. Possible long shots in the sector include: REED, FIZZ, ADY, TXRH, DENN, COSI and SMBL.

As you know, my favorite is BWLD.

Finally, as the Chinese melt up continues, I warn you against holding these names too long. However, there are really good companies, unlike the solar shit, that are relatively inexpensive, such as CN (position of mine) or ADY.

Right now, ERTS, SNDK, BWLD, iiG and NTRI are my favorite destinations for new money.

FIZZ looks prime if you're into the bottom picking thing.
FSLR looks like it is trying to break out. Look for a hold above 116
FPL (Florida Power & Light) announced that its building the largest solar plant in Florida over the next few years. Maybe there is something to this solar panel crap. At least until oil falls to $35 which it will do at the next worldwide recession.
Funny. Fly says he doesnt need to know shit from people, yet the first 3 posts offer opinions on stocks he doesnt own...

So I thought I'd offer a list of excellent movies, just for fun. Hope you can access it.
Cigars, that advice was for others, not Fly. I don't give Fly advice, except when I feel like it.
Fly - WTF with the "Hot Stock Alert". Are you actually leasing space on your site. POS is down 15% in last 2 weeks. C'mon man, you aint pimpin are ya?
Joe- google chooses the content of that ad.
Is there a crazier market out there than the Chinese A shares/FXI?

Take a look at a daily chart of FXI and compare it to RIMM, price patterns look very similar.
Thanks for the clarification shedder - just could not believe that Diptera Man would suggest such a fucked up stock. Matter of fact Fly, why the fuck you allowing Google to pollute your site? Dont tell me that they own you as well. Goddamn Fascists.

Cigars, I am picking up some XFML here since it hit my trigger of moving down to 200 ema on the daily chart. Sold partial position at 9.80 yesterday, picking up shares today at 8.40. Will pick up another group at gap close if it gets down there (7.88). Just don't want to be left behind if it valuts from here.
Good pick on BWLD looks like maybe I shoulda gone with both BWLD and PNRA. Good to see that you might give JSDA a chance. Thanks for posting a few off the norm picks. I'm definitely looking further into DENN to see the plausibility there.
That solar power plant FSL is installing is solar thermal electric, not photovoltaic (PV) technology like most (all?) of the public solar companies offer.

Solar thermal electric means lots of reflectors and plumbing, and mechanisms to keep the mirror arrays pointed at the sun, so it is a lot messier than PV. The advantage is that it is easy to store thermal energy, so you can generate "solar" electricity any time of day or night, and you can augment the solar heat with gas burners.

That makes the power dispatchable, which makes it more valuable.

Ausra, the solar power company supplying the equipment, has improved the solar thermal concept by introducing Fresnel reflectors in place of the parabolic reflectors used in most earlier systems. The Fresnel reflectors a more compact and less fussy and fragile than the parabolic reflectors.

Solar thermal-electric systems benefit from scale in the field - these aren't for your rooftop.
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