Friday, September 07, 2007


Sector Spotlight: General Market

How do you fuckers want me to spin this bad jobs number?

Should I say, "fuck the jobs, this bitch is going higher, yeahhhh!"

Or, how about, "wait until Big Ben gets wind of this, he'll cut rates until the DOW hits 30,000, yeahhh!"

Listen you, don't argue with me about the market. You (internet blog reader) are not qualified to discuss the markets future direction with "The Fly."

I'm over here in the lab, fucking around with this time machine, and you are heckling me-- from the luxury of your bullshit Staples chair.

In short, I feel the jobs number is a disaster for market sentiment. However, I am not panic selling. I don't sell into hell.

First, I will start shorting some of my favorite pigs, like LAZ or go long SRS. Then I will sit here, like a jerk off, and watch.

Should the market firm up, I will sell into the rally.

If we head into recession and unemployment starts creeping up, the pending rate cuts will not help the market. I repeat: The pending rate cuts will not help the market.

At the end of the day, the market is fueled by earnings. Should your shitmobile run out of fuel, well then, you're up shits creek.

In order to avoid blowing yourself up again, try to be cognizant of the potential risk to the economy, which will inevitably work its way into the markets.

For now, I will take on some protective shorts and keep my longs.

fwiw or isn't .. lots of smart folk calling for a fed cut today .. which will keep us from going into the shitter till around 2:30 .. if no cut, into the shitter

sure the cuts won't help the economy but the market will bounce providing a better entry for shorts & long liquidation if thats you're current game plan, subject to revision of course
JNPR, NTRI and NYX - each representative of different areas of the economy are holding strong. If HOG gets going then I believe this was just another great buying opportunitu in a very choppy and emotion-driven market.
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Damn you Fly you jinxed me last night.
GS looking like a good long for a daytrade.
Any color on the recent relative strength in NTRI?
Hey Fly or Danny, i just came across SSTR and their expectation of big earnings from their game "ALLOUT". What are your opinions? Thanks, DW
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OTR ... depends on the time of the cut announcement .. if its only with 90 min left in the session it will carry through to monday. I think it would be late today to carry a good mood through the weekend. They won't give it a chance to reverse. Keep your on the financials for a clue.

FNM FRE already reversed off their lows.
oh & CSGP is freaking toast ... short on any move up
OTR - has anyone every told you to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut?

Re: Cuban food...I just LOVE ropa vieja!
Polo Ralph PeacheeKeene:

Beware, I'm extra suspicious of allegedly edu-macated people who mix up "advise" and "advice" and "lose" and "loose."

Don't get on my bad side, you hyena-dog shuttlin' AARP spokesman.
The market is clearly distributing.

Every time we go up, we go up on low volume. Every time we go down, volume rises.

All depends on your timeframe I guess, but near term, the market looks fucked.

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I disagree that the market is fueled by earnings. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

At the end of the day, the market is fueled by fear and greed. These are intangibles that can be observed to fluctuate independently of good news, bad news, earnings, rate cuts, hurricane warnings, PicoP promises, et al.

There is probably a pattern to the apparently random cycles of fear and greed (viz chaos theory; astrology; technical analysis). Hack that pattern and you'll have the ultimate time machine.
BSC may be a bounce daytrade candidate. They were downgraded from buy to hold this morning, I believe by Bank of America. A little late assholes.
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