Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Homies

Get the fuck out of here; the homies are up 5.5% today. Come on, do you really think the sector has bottomed?

Fuck that. Sell them every which way, from here to Romania.

Trust me when I say, "I'm making so much money now, you'd think I was being paid in Peso's." However, in the near term, I am not adding to any positions. We are over bought.

Additionally, last time I checked, oil was nearing $83. WTF.

Come on, how am I supposed to get long retail names, while there are major credit issues and high energy prices?

Remember, heating oil is at a new high, going into the holiday shopping season. And, you southern fuckers, living in the trailer park, are not allowed to use Confederate currency, last time I checked.

In short, don't get sucked into an overzealous rally.

As for today's trading:

Thus far, I like the action in the basic material and industrial names, like RS, CENX, KALU, TEX, VMI and CRDN.

Also, there is some fucked up shit going on at NTRI, due to a cautious note by Citigroup, regarding dietary drug Alli and "tough comps." However, they do feel the company is poised for excellent growth in 2008.

This is nothing more than a short raid. I'm not worried.

Finally, it appears the shorts are scattering in iiG and CORS. Again, I stand firm, believing both CORS and iiG will go to $25.

NOTE: "The Woodshedder Bottom" lives. However, it's worth noting, Woody has covered his shorts and is now diving into an empty swimming pool, head first. Hence, you may want to throw a few shorts on the barbie, fyi.

lmao...yes, do the opposite, by all means.
Everyone I talk to says there will be a mild winter for you "northern fuckers." This will allow for light use of heating oil in the winter and people hitting the stores with a high consumer confidence. Up we go. The crack spread is were it should be going into winter allowing for stable/reasonable gas prices even if crude goes to $90.
'Everyone I talk to says there will be a mild winter for you "northern fuckers."'


What the fuck are you smoking? Now, your jerk off oil buddies can predict the future weather conditions in the NE?

I swear to my portfolio, if anyone said that shit to me, I'd laugh so hard-- it would force me to vomit on him.
Wood - when I read your post, I was reminded of an episode of Seinfeld where George decides to do the opposite of his normal behavior.

Good stuff.
Everyone knows the weather in New York is controlled by the mafia.
Russian, Italian or Chinese?

We have many mafias here.
For you small cap biopharma traders, PTN is a great gun to the head play. My chart chomping says its ready to take off.
Jamaican, mon.



Speaking of MON... I hope you agriculturally inclined goat fekkers all got you some o that MON-strous crack.
Keep an eye on financials i.e. BSC,LEH,MS,JPM. Looking weak and could indicate a reversal soon (for Daytraders).
Don't forget the lazy fuckers from LAZ.
Anyone who trades odd lots has no fucking credibility in my book.
WTF are you talking about?

Someone buy 113 shares of something, that I am unaware of?
113 shares of BRK-A

Damn odd-lot punks.
Hey Harry, go eat some oats.

I didn't buy any odd lots, that is how the orders filled.
TC --

I've got JPM, and this looks like a low volume pullback from temporary overbought levels.

I would LOVE to see GS fill that gap back to $200.50, but color me skeptical that it's going to happen this week....
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