Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

Ooh, already, the bears are saying "the market is up due to patriotic 9/11 buying." Sure, that's the only reason why we're up. Keep believing that bucket of shit is kool-aid too.

You have to understand who these bears are. They are mentally ill people, who believe the bulls are "evil" for "making stocks go higher." As you know, these hatfuckers are unable to understand simple supply/demand relationships, with regards to money management. America is hard at work and "evil" retirement funds need to be invested, daily.

I find it interesting that they feel the market should go lower, without catalyst. However, whenever the market rips their dentures out, they scream manipulation.


As for today's trading:

VMW is the new CROX. I feel stupid for not jumping on the bandwagon. I must say, Guy Adami from Fast Money, called this puppy first. The great tanned one was opining on VMW, before anyone else. Nice.

Thus far, the financials are rebounding, with decent gains in BX, MS, NTRS, LEH, KEY, COF, KBW, ACF, BCS, GHL, DLLR and TMA.

Also, the metals are bouncing, with notable gains in RTP, ACH and CLF.

Basically, we have a full fledged rally on our hands, as most sectors are deep in the green.

Within my holdings, I like the momo in RIMM, LEH, GME, DCI, VMI and AZZ.

However, out of all my stocks, I like AXR for a short squeeze--near term.

As of now, it looks like the market will end up about1% higher.

I made the market go higher today. You can thank me later.
Cramer's idiot ass said VM Ware was a defender of viruses this morning. Talk about an asshat. Fucking idiots don't even understand how it works. By the way don't get too comfortable with VM Ware. I mean if I am running ESX on a box and have 10 virtual OS servers layered on top of that and my fucking motherboard goes tits up guess what, yes thats right all fucking 10 boxes go down. Effectively shutting down a full segment of business. Don't get me wrong I love and use VM Ware but for dev boxes or non-critical shit only. To do otherwise would make me a cigar smoking OTB guy. Not in my fucking shop bitch. Just something to think about. I would play it via EMC. Atleast you get Clarion exposure there and SAN's are on fire right now.
What about CTXS?

Fly, didn't you buy those fuckers a couple pizza's last year?
I see. so the bears are like red sox fans
Hey Fly, good morning, about WWAT, I have been watching it for a few years now. Very sincere and dedicated management, but kind of slow at actually getting done what they say (entech acquisition especially)but what a great sector, water and solar. Anyway, a big name investor David Gelbaum bought about 20 million shares from the begining of the year to sometime around May or June, which obviously lifted it. CEO went on a summit trip with the governator to Canada some months back, hoping for many more good things in Calif. Some caveats, they are wanting to increase outstanding shares quite a bit to finance a production facility and acquire entech, but this has been news for a while, we'll see if the shares react negatively when they actually do it. Biggest thing is that they have a contract hoping to be finalized in Spain this fall, would be largest ever. Let me know what you think and if you want I will try to give more info. ALso, any thoughts on NTRZ at this level? Thanks, Danny
DNDN moving again on heavy volume. 40% short
I'm buying more QID here. Fuckers.
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Keep in mind that next week $100 billion of asset-backed commercial paper needs to be rolled.

I think that will cause quite a bit of indigestion
I'd get short commercial real estate before next week


any other names share please
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For that, just go long SRS.
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PALM's not a bad call, Kerouac.

PS -- you do realize that "la" signifies the feminine, yes?


FLY -- you declined to mention GS, what -- out of spite? BIDU is "fryin'" as well,.

W. regard to AXR -- what the fluck? What's up with the fixation on all these little shitty "Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross" companies like IIG and AXR?

You do realize that second place is a set of fucking steak knives, right?

CBG too I think.


That is a good point.

I was thinking about that yesterday. You know, my fixation with low quality stocks.

Then I realized, I have plenty of high quality stocks. I guess my endeavors into these bow-wows is my way of rolling dice.

I like to roll dice.
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Fly -- sometimes trusting your instincts is best.

Best "trader" I ever met made his fortune putting dough into shitty little stocks (RGLD at .03- .10 per share) and then just stubbornly hanging tight.

He's got tens of millions in single positions that started out as hundred thousand dollar bets.

He was the guy who gave me MVIS, btw. When it was around $1.50 or so.
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