Friday, September 14, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Internets

In case you are wondering, I am not selling out my UNG position. I get a sense natty really wants to go up here.

As you can see, the bulls are just obliterating the bears, yet again.

The sector that has been somewhat low key, but powerful, is the internets.

Aside from GOOG, BIDU and AMZN, there have been some incredible winners in the space, such as: PCLN, OSTK, BCSI, SOHU, SINA, EBAY, CTRP, SFLY, FLWS and NILE.


Once again, a "tale of two cities."

As for today's trading:

I'll be shocked if we close up today. Already, there is a sluggish feel to the market, ahead of the Fed meeting next week.

However, I am enjoying nice gains in GME, RIMM, SNDK, ALJ, FMCN and FXI today, while suffering a bit in AZZ, MVIS and FTK.

In short, I really could give two fucks and a gay mule about today's session. I'm just waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Wow... checking out the slow stoch (10,10) on MVIS and I'm trying to remember the last time I saw it bounce off "0."

Broker A -- I sold UNG but then turned around and sold some Sept 40 puts for 1.50. Lock in the profit, take advantage of the juice in the premiums (for a week), and do it all over again if you're not put the stock (or just roll over to Oct).

Fuck you, I'll sell at $50.

if someone had a gun to your head and said you must by more GME, would you just buy it here or wait for it to pull back to the 40,s?

Gay MVIS isnt in some sort of quiet period are they? I see no reason for one. MAybe something new will be revealed at next weeks conferences.
I would not buy GME here.

I'll be attending the MVIS conference next week, one way or another.
UNG is building a Cup - the minute
it begins a handle - it's a buy
wouldn't use puts here - who cares what they do - Don't even know what UNG means. It's about price and volume - knowing anything about the stock begins prejudice or favoritism
certainly not attributes for bi-traders. But If I act I certainly would do, DD just prior to my act.
UNG the cup is on a daily chart and it began with triple daily volume from about Aug 15 - there is a gap to be filled between 41 something and 43 - The chart is set to perfection - patience - a good market and it becomes a good buy for 3 maybe 4 points. Thats my take and this post stays for 15 minutes.

That's my take - never even thought about what you guys were taling about - but when there is controversy here (this site) I begin to look. It's on my watch list now - has a beautiful chart esp. when we get by this economic bull shit.
Wait a minute!

I just saw a fly buy of GME at 53.99. But now you dont like it here? For some reason that's the only buy that comes up in a search. I imagine you have a lot quite a bit lower?
Fly, you going to maxim or merriman conference for mvis?

That was pre-split.

My cost basis is under $10 on GME.

I bought the fucker as soon as it came public. I believe it was owned by BKS at the time.

GME and RIMM have been my biggest winners, over the last 5 years.
Wow. nice call on both. why cant I ever, ever, ever get one of those?

Maybe MVIS will be it finally. If Tokman can't make this thing in hi-volume, i'm going to kidnap him and force him to live in my basement long enough to grow a mustache, just so I can punch it off.

But with GME opening about a store a week, youd think it would still have a lot of room for growth over the long term. Noticed you havent sold any...
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