Friday, September 28, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

While the shorts look for their glasses in the dark, the bulls are kicking them down empty elevator shafts. The only thing that is missing, to completely scare the ghost out of the bears, is deal flow.

As of late, there haven't been any big deals announced. My guess, should the equity and credit markets remain stable, expect to see significant deal flow by Thanksgiving.

Taking another wild fucking guess, it might occur in the beaten down retail sector. Potential targets are: M, AEO, HD and KSS.

As for the networkers:

Getting this sector going is a must win for the bulls. Today, there is momentum in VRAZ, CRNT, ANTP, LNOP, LORL, STAR and NT, while BBND gets it fucking big stupid band "mushroom clouded."

In short, today is a sleeper. I anticipate lackluster action, as all of the fucktards who manage billions of dollars window dress for their end of quarter performance statements.

Keep this in mind, when buying stocks at their 52 week highs.

mvis on pace to trade 50,000 shares today, the demand for this stock is out of control.

Any strong 4th quarter leanings? I'm looking for tech to lead this quarter.

I want to avoid adding to tech, going into earnings.

Instead, I feel the industrial/ag/infrastructure plays offer significant upside on earnings.
I just spilt coffee on my fucking hooters girl mouse pad.

On a lighter note, I am playing golf with Jim Fulton with EPD on Monday for the annual Carl McCain golf outting out here at Sweetwater in Sugar Land. I will see if I can get some good scoop on this fucking stock. I still own a shit pot of it.
Ask him if it makes sense to build those pipelines out of silly puddy, instead of metal.
Results from AZZ bodes well for NGA.
NTRI short interest up to 14.2M shares, up from 11.8M a few weeks ago. Total outstanding is only 34.2M!
Either we're going up big with a short squeeze after earnings or we're going down like the titanic.

Still long NTRI and added more at 50

think AZZ earnings bodes well for VMI? Then again, FMCN ups guidance and they sell
and perhaps FMCN bodes well for XFML, but who the hell knows anymore..

AZZ and VMI are apples and oranges.

VMI and LNN are in the same space.

AZZ runs a galvanizing business and they build out electricity grids.

So, I'd looks at stocks like NGA and PLPC for good compares.
Fly, did I not ask for your thoughts about SSTR a couple weeks ago? I think I did a few times. You didn't respond, now look. And ABAT too? What do you think about WWAT?
lori is God
DIET and WTW are ripping, so the competitive threat from ALLI appears to be overstated. I guess the shorts either believe there's been widespread fraud or they are absolutely convinced the business model is unsustainable and on the verge of total collapse. How else can they justify being short a debt free company, generating huge free cash flow, buying back it's own stock, trading at 11x next year's earnings, and has stellar profitability metrics?

About 3:00 today, after most of the bullshit window dressing selling is done, I'm going to violate my cardinal rule about never adding to a losing position and buy some more NTRI. Fuck it.
well said.
In the case of NTRI, I think you mean window undressing
Is that you buying?

NTRI acting so poorly you'd think Cramer owned it.
NTRI has been a monster loser this Qtr creating a a lethal combo of window undressing & bears dressing it down.
NTRI looks like a good buy to me, and so does WTW, which I own in my fund. Enough fat fucks to go around to feed all these guys.

Save your remaining powder until Nutrideath bumps that bottom fib at least once(46.65 or so). I think there's good odds it will.

A bounce off that with some volume is the buy, imho.

If you throw me an email I'll send you the chart.
Man this MPEL is a pain in the ass. Great daytrading stock if you're into that kind of thing.
iF NTRI breaks its low from last month, there is gonna be some follow thru selling

I agree.

That's why I'm not buying down here. If I can get a little cheaper, I'll wait.

People I know are starting to scratch their heads on this one.

They're on the phone with mngt. right now.
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