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Sector Spotlight: Tech

NOTE: Information regarding the passing of Seth Tobias can be found in the comments section.
By the way, in the previous post, I forgot to add PVH, SU, TGT and ADBE. All of them are current positions. Oh, and in my wife's account, she is long LULU, despite my dire warnings of pending disaster.

As for today's trading:

Retail stocks are getting their balls knocked around, like a speed bag, as MWRK, PVH and DDS bleed out. However, there is strength in other names, such as EBHI, CACH, PERY, BKRS, JOSB, SCVL and BONT.

For the most part, retail sucks.

The real fun is in tech.


However, the market doesn't have strong underpinnings. Therefore, I feel it makes sense to lighten up and take profits, in order to have some cash available for the next dip.

Now, do not misconstrue my message of conservatism for bearishness. As you know, I enjoy dispatching people to punch off the eyebrows of "bearshitters." Moreover, by year end, I believe "The Fly" will book 40%+ gains, mainly by using his "calculator brain" going long stocks.

As predicted, LNN broke the fuck out. Now, look for three stocks to catch fire, AXR, iiG and AZZ.

Congrats on the LNN moonshot.
You are forgetting MVIS which should have a technical breakout, this week.
had some, thanks!
anyone remember Seth Tobias? money manager .. was on CNBC around 2000 & then he returned a few years later 50 lbs heavier ... fucker dropped dead last weekend. 44 years old , heart attack

what a waste
Wow, 44 years old?

I better eat more oatmeal, less rib eye.

Seth was a good guy.

Seth was quoted by the WSJ today.

Who told you he was dead, fucker?
I saw he was quoted in wsj... minyanville .. Todd Harrison wrote :

Todd Harrison

10:21:30 AM

A Moment of Reflection

We interrupt this morning's strut to ask for a moment of reflection for Seth Tobias. Seth, who I've known for many years albeit not as closely as I might have liked, was one of the first folks to step up and help with the Minyanville All-Star Guitar that was auctioned off for the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

Seth passed away this weekend at the age of 44.

We would like to extend the entire spectrum of Minyanville white light to his family during this tragic time.

Seth, may peace be with you.


Unreal, yet real.
Was he the guy that wrote that funny book about intro to investing?

Or was that Andrew?
I remember Tobias. He always seemed like a nice guy on camera. Reminded me of another guy on the old FNN (pre-CNBC) named Ed Hartley who did the bond reports. Hartley, though, was an old guy but he and Tobias seemed like good guys.
Seth the dude from circle T partners correct??
Dam he was too young. Gotta start eating more veggies.
Fly, I think you might consider to add NUAN to you tech list. Check it out, I think it should look very good on your time machine. Actually, would you check it for me please? You know, I did my DD and I have all reasons to believe that NUAN is a freakin jackpot waitin to happen (actually, it's happening already), but I don't have a time machine (can't find it on Ebay either), so it would be nice to have a little friendly nod from you.
yes ... circle T Ptnrs
Seth was a very smart guy with a sink or swim approach to running his firm. If you didn't perform, you were out. Period. I heard he even fired his own brother.

Shortly after GOOG was brought public, a trader's assistant without trading authority at Circle T, Seth's firm, shorted boatloads of GOOG and lost several million dollars. I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed, but the trading assistant was rumored to be Doug Kass's son.

After the rogue trading was discovered, Seth used his own money to make the investors in the fund whole. The number I have in my head is $7 million, but it's been like 3 or 4 years so I'm not 100% confident in that number.
Now Kass says it was an accident .. so conflicting causes of death

Doug Kass
Sad News
9/4/2007 12:27 PM EDT

My ex-partner Seth Tobias died yesterday in an accident in Palm Beach, Fla.

Seth had a sparkle in his eye and a good heart.

My condolences to all of his family.
Maggs --

It was $12 million.

Could this be, as my Dad used to say "sewer pipes?"
it was no accident from what I hear
then it was murder? suicide?
spill your guts ggman ... drugs? foul play?
This comment has been removed by the author.
You know when the facts are sketchy and no one knows what really happened and what really went on; then something embarassing for the family or the deceased is being covered up.

So I'd have to say he died in the saddle with a high-priced hooker while doing coc. And thats what I'm going with until further notice.
hopefully none of you feeble individuals will ever have to endure sadness in your lives. had any of you ever experienced friendship and or loyalty your lives you would realize how empty your lives are. Wouldn't it be great if once in your life you could have something to say about yourself as opposed to sitting in the stands and blathering about the players?

Sadness and losing loved ones is not a unique experience, with the exception to immortal vampires.

No fuck off and go blow that goat.
I am still hoping that this is not true. When the death was announced on Kudlow's show this evening, I looked for any information on Google news and Dow Jones without any mention.

If it is true, I want to express my condolences to his family.

44 is so young.
if you dont want to die of a heart attack, please check out www.heartattacproof.com Read Esseltsyn's book

no facts are out yet but he was dealing with some shady dudes in south fl., it will come out in the papers eventually
According to this he was found dead in a swimming pool:

I grew up with Seth Tobias and have known him for 30 years. He was a brilliant,kind, and handsome man. He will surely be missed by many.....
My deepest sympathy to his family.
I will really miss you.......
I sorry to hear the news as well about Seth, and I am pissed about people who are Yucking it up. There is nothing funny about this, its the same shit that happens to really smart successful people who constantly have the need to find more and more to stimulate them. Unlike the dumb asses on this site who cant believe as stupid as they are they can make money in the stock market and thats what they are greatful for. Its justice served for them, that a young smart guy went over the top and lost his brillant future like so many people I have known. I never knew Seth personally, but I always thought of him as a good guy on wallstreet, a rare find.
I scooped ice cream with Seth back in college one summer. He was a quiet guy that rarely spoke unless spoken to. Always the quiet ones hat surprise you the most.
Click on Video: Marital Problems? It's Filomena's Mug Shot

I think she killed him!
Other pill poppers/druggies etc. have drowned in pools. Remember Brian whats his name of The Rolling Stones? Coppers could never prove foul play in that one. Tobias gig seems far more seedy though. Ambien will stone cold sure knock your a** out in a heartbeat, pardon the pun, under the right circumstances. Whoever sold him the cocaine could be up on second degree murder charges, as florida has made so more stringent its drug trafficking laws. Sordid affair all around, as smart as Tobias was in financial matters/investing, he was equally as lacking in intelligence of his choice of some friends, especially the last 'wife,' whether for trophy or not, dancing with the devil can take you to hell!
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