Friday, September 28, 2007


Sold Out Position Update: AZZ

AZZ just blew-the-doors-off-the-earnings-estimates. Look for that stupid fucking stock to moon shot today.

So fucking glad I sold my final 2,000 shares the other day. So fucking happy to have "gotten my money back," selling a chunk @ $30.

This is a fucked up way to start a day.

I feel for you..that could have bumped you up to about 43% ytd.
No worries, it's only up three fitty. You should be able to ease back in around 11 o'clock or so.

In the meantime, you need to go down to Sparks and have the Donald point you out a good steak.

Fat fingered vulgarian.
Where's Joe of the expansive urethra?

Someone wake him up and tell him ALVR and the Chipmunks is up fitty one cent on no news.
The silence about the Met loss is deafening.


I wasn't sleeping, I was trying to take a piss with this thing sticking out of me - what a mess. Wish Alvin would slow down a bit and chew his food. I need to pick up some more shares. Stock is overbought but who gives a shit in this market. Power to the Chipmunks!
Borker - you did keep saying how cheap it was

Jake - heres the ALVR news/rumor
Who cares about the Mets?

Just us Yankee fans here.
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I wonder if you could punch Don's Hair Off- at the very least those funky eyebrows. I think Trump needs to go thru "The Fly's Friday Hazing"
ala Angelo Mozilo

Is it time to watch baseball this weekend? Good Luck To Your Mets- Beltran ready to go on a Siz.
Bruce, thanks for the link.


Joe -- LOL. Did you get the reverse funnel model?


Fellahs, remember to turn some of that Chinee shit stock profit into something substantial. This morning I was checking out gold again, which is punching the saggy man-boobs off Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernake and every other fiat paper salesmen since they created the Monster in 1913 (and no, I'm not talking about the green one in Fenway).

Gold's up over $745 right now, and the interesting thing is that the "traditional" gold/silver ratio is about 16-1. Right now it's over 54-1.

Old article, but interesting.
Bard Red Rubber Bardex - Robinson Model. I typically only invest in stocks whose products I am familiar with, but this is going too far. Problem is, I am also superstitious when it comes to trading. Stock has been on a tear since I test drove this model. Cant stop now. Can one sky dive while wearing this thing? Would make for an interesting commercial.
You greedy asshole, you are up huge on the year and people are dying everyday in Africa. Get over yourself and be happy with the tens of millions of dollars you have made this yr.
Just git in yer goddam "time machine" and buy it back cheap! Stop that pussy-assed whining, before I come up there to Yankee-ville and punch the mustache off your ass!
New Equity, I've a suggestion:

Go to Africa and die.
guess cheating didnt work this time.

Hang in there bud. Your account will come out of the red by the end of the year if you're lucky.
that would be an "ass-stache"
Yeah, thanks NewEquity. I'll be sure to keep your picks in mind for that assistance.

Palm calls - mentioned two weeks ago?
micro- where are you coming from?
Did you play Broker A in checkers one time and get cheated. Are you more than just a regular fucktard?
Something up with BSC? Remember Buffet did something with Soloman Brothers in the early '90s.
Sold a little this week, but kept half. Thanks for mentioning AZZ: I never would have noticed it on my own.

Nobody guesses right 100% of the time, viz. ...
Watching LAZ (sorry Fly),MER,BSC Where there is smoke there is fire.
Gold going up, that's it:

nice call on PALM, pussy.
Good job on PALM, your 1 contract will double pussy.
volume on MVIS 1/10th normal
LOGI bustin out on huge volume (relative to average). Up 3.5% today. Nice call Fly
CPSL breaking out
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