Thursday, September 13, 2007


Special Celebratory Post: HANS HIT $50

I would like to thank all of the old Coke drinking fart knockers for shorting HANS, effectively giving it jet fuel to the glorious price of $50.

A special shout out to Woodshedder for mucking up all those HANS trades, not having faith in the Monster.

And, last but not least, an extra special "told you so fuckface" to Ducati for trashing HANS, on his third tier blog.

In celebration of this milestone, I will throw a few frozen cans of Monster Energy soda at my trader/servants head.

Wish me luck.

Broker - you convinced me to jump back on board HANS at $38.

For that, I shall purchase some Romanian goat milk and pour a little in your honor, gangsta rap style.
Fly guy, thanks for the HANS, in at 38 also. Long and Strong.
FMCN breaking out.
I grabbed some MRTI last night. didn't tell you fuckers. LOL!!!! LMFAO!!
Funny Ragin', I just bought some.


How about laser-beaming Herb "the bearshitter" Greenberg's blog? I think he deserves it.

He's been bearish on HANS for at least three years now.

Just goes to show what happens when third-rate financial journalists try make market calls.
What's this formation on the 60 day NTRI chart called anyway?

"Island bottom?"

"Detached cup w. a handle?"

"Bat outta Hell?"
Still holding, from $39. And sorry Broker A, gotta thank Danny for my buy. It was his Monster video that put me over the top.
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