Saturday, September 29, 2007


SPECIAL EMERGENCY ALERT: Long Live Willie Randolph

Tomorrow, the Mets will put the "hammer of death" down on the Marlins. Plus, the fucking Phillies will lose, of course.

The above clip is how "The Fly" performs job interviews.

I am smarter than you.
Somebody wake up woodshedder and request to have that picture taken off his blog.
Fuck you, you're not.
It has come to my attention that the "IQ" test does not measure a persons intellectual performance under stress, something important to man in your position. With doubt now swirling regarding your intellectual standing compared to mine, I unilaterally rank my intellectual acumen above yours. You should know that I am tried and tested in the area of intellectual performance under ball-busting pressure.

Best wishes and kind regards.

To test this so called 'intellectual acumen,' figure this out:


"The Fly" successfully completed the above "IQ test," which has been featured in many pubs across England.
I just about performed a lobotomy on myself so I could forget that I ever saw that horseshit.

BTW, that guy looks like Ducati.
As expected, you were unable to complete the coin task.

And you call yourself an attorney?

If Johnny Cochran were alive, he'd smack the lips off of you, with his diamond encrusted cane (I am unable to verify if Cochran ever used a cane. I assume he did).
Dude, I did it on my first attempt, no jokes. I scoff at this exercise in much the same way Ducati scoffs and directional trading.

For the last year or so I have been doing those Sudoku puzzles you may have seen the newspaper (assuming you get passed the comics), I can finish a 16x grid in less than 8 minutes. Get to work Guido.
I did it on the first try as well.

(Hint: It helps to use the pause button;)

By the way, the Red Sox have home field advantage thoughout the playoffs and World Series.

Predicting a Mets and Red Sox rematch of the 1986 World Series. This time, no Bill Buckner advantage for the Mets.
Ha, ha, ha.

Sudoku is for Japanese fucktards.

Get a life you retard.

Try banking some 'life threatening' coin in the market, then get back to me.

Off to do something cooler than your fucking puzzles.

Long live Johnny Cochran, even though he's dead.
Do that again, and I'll flatten your trailer park.
"For the last year or so I have been doing those Sudoku puzzles you may have seen the newspaper (assuming you get passed the comics)"

You may be good at Sudoku, but your spelled past as "passed". Wrong.

I suppose you're going to tell me you "past" the bar exam, too.

Have you used your time machine to determine the fate of the Mets and Willie R.?
Stockhead, you've never inadvertently spelled a word phonetically before? PFO you billy goat molesting hick. I saw smarter people than you in 'Deliverance'.
mdawsz, STFU and go make me a sandwich, bitch.
Not for nothin', but if you're going to berate someone on their spelling and grammar, it's best not to do so with so many spelling and grammatical mistakes:


"You may be good at Sudoku, but your spelled past as "passed". Wrong.

Word to ya moms: The punctuation goes inside the quotes.
Hey, where did my message go?? You should be fired from blogging for deleting comments like that.

Jakegint, I place your intellect above Fly's and Stockknob's but only slightly below mine.
BTW Jakegint, you don't need a capital letter after your colon.

I said 'colon' -- that should get stockhead excited.
Retards...funny shit,that Monster must really work. Mets are a lock.
Hire Willie Randolph to get your coffee after he gets fired this weekend
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