Sunday, September 30, 2007



Fly is suffering from Willie Randolph Bi-Polar disorder.
Time to focus on the Isles...

The Mets blow it!
Broker are you going to sell UNG since Al Gore's global warming bullshit has faded thus guaranteeing no more canes of death in the GOM.

By the way Go Cubs Go!
Fly out of your own mouth weeks ago...! The Mets suck and they will not make the playoffs. Remember?
Welcome back Gappingandyapping.
NYMets suck at football.
Thanks Woodshedder, I just moved jobs and had been very very busy however have been making some nice coin in EMC and in NYX. I am also buying SBUX and NTRI here. Time to gear up for the fourth quarter.
Bullshit GAP, you were losing money and taking large fucking losses.

You're a fucking piece of stale shit on an otherwise sunny board. I don't need to defend gapping and for all I know you're right and he's stuck up to his eyeballs in losses, but that doesn't change the fundamental point - that you're presence here is worth zilch - NADA. You're a negative self-hating piece of human garbage. There, flame away now, retard.
Harry, You are the biggest scum on this board. Take your insight somewhere else because it is not needed here.
Deliberately changing the subject...

Please take the new "illegal" survey:

Quants-- buy, sell, or hold 'em?
Neweq: Your right I lost millions (78 Million to be exact)over the past 2 weeks. I was long S&P E-mini's leveraged even 100 to 1 at one point going into the Fed meeting and lost so much money being long. The market has been tanking lately, we are almost at the lows of the year. With C bankrupt and MVIS now at $-4.63 its just been down hill for me so I stayed off the board out of shame for all of my losses. However I got a loan from Fly for 100 million at 5.50% so I am now back hoping to get back to down 75% for the year. In return I promised Broker A 14 live goats that I bought from your mom. She gave me a great deal. We plan on sacrificing these beasts in order to give the Mets a lift.

A Braves fan.
The Mets are fucktards.

Fire Willie, right now and trade Reyes for Johan.
Fuck that-- you're not getting Johan.
Yes we are, Minnesota boy.

Once we resign Castillo, Johan will come.

Watch and "learn."
No, I'm putting my foot down on this one. Johan is just too fucking boss for the Mets. (You guys--the larger markets--can have Torii Hunter, though.)

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he left so as to "bank more coin." Every time we get somebody decent, the Yankees (or some other larger market) throw money at him and take him from us (notable exception: Kirby "KING SHIT" Puckett).

However, should the Mets/Yanks get Johan for some reason, his career will immediately death spiral in a satisfying turn of fate (ref. Chuck Knoblauch).
You're right.

Without being selfish, I'd like to see Johan and other players show more loyalty to their teams, instead of chasing the buck.

Johan is the best pitcher in baseball.
Yeah, Johan is the best, but his run support is shit. The rest of the defense is lacking, too (notable exception: Nick "hardest hustle in the history of MLB" Punto).

Can't wait for Francisco Liriano to come back next season. That guy has real potential, IMHO.

Best Twins pitcher of all time: Current FOX Twins baseball commentator Bert Blyleven.
BA --

Forget that. Listen, as a broker you should know about taking the better offer while it's there. Moreso with these short lived athletic careers. Bank coin while the sun shines, and then you can move back to Minneapolis (where, admittedly, a lot of nice people live) when you're forty or so.

Assuredly, I have no subjective interest in the above.


A. Yankees Fan
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