Friday, September 28, 2007



Dude, the players blow, I mean management is one thing but those guys suck. What's with the guy who couldn't even make the force? C'mon now!
Those guys lose more games I swear they need bigger and better steroids.
Fired by the Heat Miser.

How ignonimous.
Your baseball team (Mets) is the Jean Van de Velde of the Major Leagues.
Bad analogy TC, JVJ was bad, choking and foolish. The mets have not made bad decision, just an utter, stunning failure to execute. These fuckers should burn in Hell for this collapse. Gutless cunts, every god damn one of them. Fuck off, Flushing maggots, you suck the ass of gangbanged whores.
i hear sirius satellite radio is their sponsor.


2.5X dollar bear
Amazing-you can cut the tension with a knife. I smell a playoff. We need a good Monday fuckoff day.

I would love to be at a NY sports bar to watch these next two games. Good day to be a degenerate bookie.

I'm going to buy CSCO this week. Any ideas for a good regional bank?
Warning... COT showing some disgruntlement w. the dollar this week, and we might have some near term weakness as a result.
Warning...The COT blows almost as much as Jakegint.
newequity, if there's one thing I know about abortion, it's that you should have been.
Hey guys a few words here since I have been busy with a new job lately.

First there is a huge trend developing in the tech world with the VM Ware popularity picking up. This trend is SAN (storage area network) storage systems. I know you probably think this shit has been around for awhile but fuck that not like it has been selling lately. People (including myself) have been buying the fuck out of new SANs to store their VM Ware appliances (files) on. Names in this space are EMC, Seagate (STX), WDC. I know you fucks have heard of these names and they are all at 52 week highs so I want to give you another name that you have not heard of. The name is Equallogic. Now they are not public yet but will be soon. These devices are cheaper ($30k range vs $125k for EMC) and are geared toward ease of use and small to medium sized businesses. Now the beauty of Equallogic is that a small business can unleash the power of the savings of VM Ware by buying these devices to store their images on thus reducing the cost of many servers and consolidating their infrastructure plus providing RAID 50 reliability, think redundant fail over drives and safer data. I don't want to bore you with tech talk but Equallogic uses a protocol called iSCSI (how it communicates with the servers) which allows super fast transfer anywhere on the network and to any Operating System. Just know that these systems will and are selling like mad because it doesn't take a dedicated EMC Clarion expert (goat molester) to operate them thus they are perfect for small-medium sized businesses. By the way they use Western Digital drives in them. Watch for this name to come public soon as its relatively unknown and growing like your girlfriend's VD's. Here is an article on it and Broker A if you have any questions on it feel free to ask.,1759,2170816,00.asp

I use these devices and stand by them 100%.

By the way what the fuck was up with the brawling Mets.
Fuck you for delinking GetShort! That blog is top tier, dick nose.
Gapping... don't want you to think I'm ungrateful for all this good info, but this:

Now the beauty of Equallogic is that a small business can unleash the power of the savings of VM Ware...

Sounds an awful lot like the IIG pitch.
Jakegint: In what aspect does it sound like iiG? How else do you expect businesses to use VMWare with servers that can only hold 2 500GB hard drives? And how do you expect a small business to be able to manage or afford a full fibre channel EMC Clarion to provide that extra space the vm's need? There are no other options other than Buffalo storage which suck Yak ass and don't provide enough storage.
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