Friday, September 28, 2007


Unsolicited Late Night Thought

Donald Trump is a fucktard.

Roger that.
You look at that and think "where the fuck is the flame coming off his finger." Apparently his ad agency is slippin. Donny D needs to overhaul this Donny T's ad, give it some heat, flame off the donalds fucking finger donny. Just keep it away from his hair.

Ok I thought about this more and not only should there be a fucking flame coming off his finger, he needs a fucking cuban C in his mouth. Who the fuck forgot to shove a stogie between his upper and lower flap jacks?

Call me donald. We'll get this fucking meat flying off the shelves like you're having a going out of business sale. Only you won't be going out of business cause of my fucking brilliance. Details, it's all about the details. Don't you forget it poodle head.
First, lose the Heat Meister do.

Especially against the black background.

I'm looking around for his little flame topped dwarves to pop out spinning straw boaters and canes all around.
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