Sunday, October 21, 2007


'87 CRASH REDUX: Weekend Edition

BREAKING RED ALERT NEWS: Subprime woes breaking the balls of the consumer.

As you know, Asian markets are getting stir fried, as investors 'walk away' from their investments, reminiscent of our home owners 'walking away' from their houses.

Never mind the new news is old. What's important to accomplish is crashing the market, since it happened 20 years ago. Quite spooky and odd no?

Which leads me to my next point: if the bearshitters are allowed to repost old news, can us bullshitters re-release INTC's earnings, or something else that grates their soul?

Now, if you are bearish, you know as well as I, this market is going to fuck you up something awful, someday this week. Until it happens, enjoy the 1/2 inch skirt steaks with your poor man condiment (ketchup), while preparing for a swift roundhouse to the neck or balls. Either scenario is perfectly fine with me.

Slope of Dope is giddy and most of the commentators are calling for a crash. We all know what happens when those fuckers get excited. New highs by end of the year.
I am predicting a 5608 point decline tomorrow. Its true, Doug Kass and Maria Bartiromo told me so. Houses are worth zero, China has secretly been downsizing, American's are all going on diets and credit cards are all being recalled. And all of this is just tomorrow, think about Tuesday. Oh don't forget the Kurd's who bathe 1000 barrels of oil per day are being invaded. Thats a sure fire way to send oil to 120. Just take 1000 barrels off the market.
If the market crashes, fine. Just please let the NYSE systems make it through unscathed... I don't want any situations where I don't know how much stock I have or if I sold or not, etc. etc.

Given the performance of the market in February (the Dow miscalculation leading to a complete freakout) I have absolutely zero confidence in the systems.

"Going down Mr. Tyler"?

As I look into my crystal ball I see the Fly in an emergency room on Friday afternoon after an attempted OD on Vicodin and Percocet? Either the markets got hammered all week, or the Fly found out that his wife has an emotional friend? hmmmmm
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Hey Fly,

Go fuck yourself with your convoluted bullish spin on this market. Here's my wish: go spend a few painful, sleepless nights worrying about your positions, your livelihood and whether or not it's hamburger meat or turkey loaf for dinner. Go toss and turn as your blood pressure goes limit up, your contractor fucks up the dry wall on your Long Island shitbox and your wife leaves you for a successful and better looking short seller (Kass?), and mostly, mostly..... go fuck yourself.
knobpolisher - its obvious you are in love with the Fly & live to polish his knob ... you can dispense with your lame hard to get ploy. That closet must be getting stuffy by now. Come on out. Free yourself.
Hey Fly,
why do you put up with polishedknob? I mean I like free speech and the banter on here is cool but this guy is too much, for everyones sake, can't you block him?
Lori .. forget knobpolisher .. hes got a huge hardon for the Fly. Hes obsessed by the guy. Can't get him out of his head. Being married, Fly is unavailable for polishing. Thats why he is so pissed off.
last time everyone on this site was freaked out, wringing hands, i called phooy and put cash to work. i was right. i also got fired as the weekend blogger (not before claiming the greatest landslide victory in weekendbloggerville history). i digress.

this time, i am feeling nervous. therefore, eh... ergo, i will stay a bull. dip in the am, naz green going into aapl earns. i will buy the dip cause i have nothing better to do.

i will buy aapl, goog, maybe yhoo...what the heck...upl.

no dreams. just plain crazy.

jog on.
Fuck you Boomer.

No worries on knob. He will be dealt with accordingly.
This site is great. You call bullshit on the Fly, and every two-bit asshole with a PC, a shit converted garage/office den (with dial-up) and a shiny discount brokerage account crawls up your ass with a vengeance. Each of these web assailants is governed by the same set of vacuous principles: copy and praise! They publish worthless blogs parroting the picks of the Fly and other web geniuses. They heap praise on the Fly and taunt his detractors with ridiculous insults. Hell, they even claim to abide by his asinine oatmeal and ribeye diet. And my guess is they'll wipe out these under-funded brokerage accounts with their day-trading nonsense. Sad, no?

But there is no bullshit, just glory.

"The Fly" is better than you, despite your feeble attempts at thought provoking posts.
Asia only down 2 or3 % - just a normal day for them
Knob, I don't eat oatmeal, I prefer cream of wheat for the better texture, less chunky.
Knob: u r right. Thanks for saving me. Praised be the polishedknob!
praise him

Why does this bother you so much? Do people not have the freedom to worship whom ever they wish? Why does it torment you that these Fly Praising Losers will ultimately blow out their account in their shit converted garage office den. Why do you give such a rats ass that it is necessary for you come in here and constantly show your immaturity by trying to present your superiority? Why don't you just do what many other people have undoubtedly done many times and snicker, shake your head in self-congratulatory superior fashion and move on. Why would you want to waste your time and energy in this useless endeavor? You have other more meaningful positive things in your life that must be pressing, no? To stay with something that you detest, communicating with people that you deplore, is a sign of mental irregularities. I thinka person is missing something internally by wasting time constantly attacking something that they dont respect and cannot change.

BTW, USD is nutting up against the far. Crude is also down better than 1%. Dow futures are off their lows. Now, let's all think good thoughts as we go nighty night. Goodnight Knob Boy.
Mr. Knob: While invective and crudeness are acceptable on this board, the problem is that you never seem to venture any picks of your own. Even Ducati and jj the palladium spammer had at least 1 idea.

Here: "I like MO going into the PM/PMI splitup this spring."
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