Friday, October 05, 2007


Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn

It never gets that windy in the OR, that's unrealistic.
I love Anberlin.
If you will visit my blog , I posted a very compelling,
RVX chart, that just about puts the nail in the coffin for the IWM.

It’s a huge BUY signal, that tells exactly when to Short sell IWM, and that in turn tells you when the market has topped, short term.

Holly shit BRLC took the fuck off today. This helps the NTRI sting some since I own it at 3.95. Buyout looks to be coming on no news this move is giant.
Fly - will you buy stocks tomorrow?
I'm giving a $70 price target on ABAT within 2 years.

some beanie :

you got to check out Explay's micro-projector shown at CEATEC
ewa4sc: This is an MVIS board do I am guessing you are ready to go to war. First that fucking projector right there is even bigger than Ron Jeremy's cock so I don't think it will fit in a cell phone. MVIS's projector is the size of a fucking thinmint, guess what, they are light years ahead. People don't want to carry around a bulky projector to play their iPod videos or video games. If that was the case then fuck it I would just buy one of these,

This says it all "regrettably, it's still no closer to actually launching."

Did I mention Motorola is in bed with MVIS? Oh yeah that little thing has seemed to slip through the cracks lately, Motorola is keeping MVIS silent because of their upcoming launch of a new handheld device, you didn't hear that from me.
Gap -- did someone say you had a blog too?
We've been trying to get Gap to do a weekend spot here for the last 6 months.
Hey Jake and Wood. Nope no blog but in a couple of weeks I might ask my Roman Ruler to do a weekend gig. However it will be about 2 weeks before I have the time due to my recent employment move, had to be closer to the Merc so I could through shit patties at the minimum wage floor clerks when they come out of the building (really thats no lie I work in the building next door). You gotta be careful though there are some "napppy headed ho's" that work there and will shoot your ass. More on that later. On to watch my Cubbies play.
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go fuck yourself, Fly. You're a phony and a fraud. Off to drinks and dinner (on the left coast). Developing.......

i'm jealous of your calculator brain, Fly. You bank way too much coin. Off to drinks and dinner (at the soup kitchen). Developing......
Hey yapping my gap,

Actually, i own MVIS b/c of Fly... I only wanted Fly to see the info about Explay so he knew what the enemy was doing... you fucking asshole!!!

Until you're sure of what i'm commenting about, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!
You POS!!
Ewak -- take a chill pill, dude.

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Ewa4sc: You have a gap? Hmm would have never guessed that.
this mvis trading range is nutso
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