Thursday, October 25, 2007




Markets already up . Why the Golden bull ? You need to stop pulling out the Bull for frivolous reasons Fly or the luck will desert you.
Good point.

However, I'm looking for a little more upside here.

Thanks for your concern.

Now fuck off.
On NTGR - I expect them to beat and guide a little higher -- like last time:

NTGR reports Q2 revenue of $164.3M vs. estimates of $163.2M. Sees Q3 revenue $178M-$182M vs. estimates of $177.4M

But look what happened the next day -- it went from $36 to $26. Margins are dissapearing!!!!

So please dont panic cover if you see it up $1. Read the press release SLOWLY!
CORS= buyback

Stock is bouncing.
NTGR is the devil!

Kill it.
You got any Cherry Bombs?

FuckkkinA right
We need a LIVE chat room here...

C'mon Broker! It would be fun!

You know about IRC? We can open a free room there
CORS announcing a buy back right before filing BK. Great stuff !

These guys are leveraged to the Miami condo market. U been to Miami lately Fly ? Was down there a few months back. To say the condo market there is a disaster is the understatement of the year. 30,000 empty units and counting. By late next year they will be selling for 20 cents on the dollar.
Fuck chat rooms.

I'm old school.

If it were up to me, I'd have you fuckers mail me letter, then have my secretary post them on the internet.
we should send notes via carrier pidgeon that would be tons of fun
BZH = 80% float short
My iPod is talking to me, in order:

Queen "Under pressure"
Toto "Hold the line"
Michael Jackson "Don't stop till you get enough"
The Cars "Let the good times roll"
Monday night football theme
Tom Petty "I wont back down"
Journey "who's crying now"

I'm just not sure about that last one...and why my iPod is playing a bunch of 80s tunes.
speaking of old school, Jim Rogers was out yesterday saying for the 1st time in history the world eats more than it grows & to go long agriculture

he also says the yuan will triple or quadruple over the next century

and much to my displeasure, hes a platinum/palladium bull

god save us if JJ is right
Oh, btw. A Nice head-n-shoulders (reverse) pattern just was broken - it's high from here to the end. My chicken bones and dice said so.
hey, that fakacta bull worked!
have mercy
XFML needs its own palladium bull
sting "be still my beating heart "

prince "lets go crazy"

the thing is talking to me.
as much as I want to drown JJ in his own juice, palladium will go through the roof if China's wonderful government decides reduce air toxicity by making catalytic converters mandatory for all vehicles.
uh oh.

police "king of pain"
i fast forwarded and got

ac/dc "back in black"

how about some enigma (Sadness pt1)
that golden bear is going to get the asshat award soon!
MSFT earnings make or break tech
Futures punching high - stay the fuck down crude!
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