Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Benny Goodman - Moonglow

Are you on Prozac? What up?

Is this Jazz at the Apollo week? I like it.

18th & Vine
My Dad loves this shit.
Your Dad has some taste.


I grew up listening to all this big band stuff (Frank, Ella Fitz, Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman, Guy Lombardo, Artie Shaw, Johnny Mercer,etc.) on WNEW-AM, with Julius LaRosa and William B. Williams. My mom had that station on 24-7. I don't know the name of any of the songs, but I can remember them all within three notes.
Yep. He still has his old records of all those same big names. I grew up listening to all of it on the old Magnavox console stereo system he got from grandpa. The thing looked like a credenza with speakers.

Yeah, I like the switch to jazz. It gives your site a needed boost of class. :)

Mets to retain Randolph despite epic collapse

Winning man'ger too espensive!


Seriously, my condolences...
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Willie didn't hire those schitball pitchers who are as old as my Dad.
Mets will win World series.....next Year.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Session V: Projection Technology for Mobile Devices

* Frank Moizio, Worldwide Strategic Marketing, Texas Instruments
* Russell J Hannigan, Director of Product Management, Microvision
* Golan Manor, VP of Technical Marketing, Explay
* Chris Chinnock, President, Insight Media
* Edward Buckley, Director of Business Development, Light Blue
Optics Ltd.

*Fuckers at MVIS better be good at marketing.

I know that you've been impressed with Citi's research in the past. So is your RIMM conviction consistent with/influenced by Citi's 9/25 piece, "Handsets: Making the Call?"

I just read (most) it. I thought they made a pretty strong case for their thesis-- that RIMM's price action has been driven by strong fundamentals rather than unwarranted speculation.

Seems like Mr. Suva has a pretty good grasp on the sector; he nailed PALM.

Any musings, future prez?
Maybe BA is a sChITIbroker.
Fuckers at MVIS better be good at marketing

Heh. Check out the title of their presentation - pure marketing genius:
9:45AM-10:05AM “Application of Bi-Axial MEMS/Laser Scanning Technology to enable a Miniature and Low Power Projector optimized for Mobile Devices”
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