Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Beware of Bubbles, when in their seventh week

This data cannot be refuted.

Many bubble cycles peak out-- after the seventh week of upward momentum.

From nano-tech, to beverage craze to ethanol fun-- to China?

Chinese checkers
Where's the data, Fly? Would love to take a look at it.
I am not able to post the charts.

Look back to past bubbles, ones that are disconnected from economics.

Just hype, like nano's, ethanol, beverage, bird flu, homeland security, etc.

You'll see that many of them peak out around 7 weeks.

Right now, some of the bigger China plays may be toppy.

But, most of the smaller ones are only in their 4-5th week.

In short, I think there is still a little more upside to the Chicoms.

Hence, I bought some today.
Idn't it "these data?"

Like "these media?"

Those cilia.

Thems that paramecia.
Broker a, do you wear a pocket protector?
It's unlikely this will go unpunished.
The FXI left an abandoned baby or island reversal in yesterdays trading. Caveat Emptor!
read The Economist on the Panda Bear

Jeff Saut also writes about the freakin' pork-aholics.

No, but I do carry spare mustaches with me, in the event I need to go into a Dunkin' Donuts.
I am sticking with my China died today. Thanks LDK.

Does this mean we lost AAPL?? This shit better lite some fires under AT's ass. Man they are really starting to catch up.
HOLLY FUCK LOOK AT THIS MAGNIFICANT CALL!!! You fucking faggots should go fuck your brothers. I swear these guys have to be making calls from the local bathhouse. Neweq do you happen to know these homos from your crew?

1-Oct-07 Broadpoint Capital Upgrade Buy Strong Buy

4-Oct-07: NutriSystem Cut To Buy From Strong Buy By Broadpoint >NTRI
I remember a couple of Qtrs. ago-hours before the NTRI earnings- the stock was trading at $57-you made the point that the stock is volatile as fuck and get out if you don't have the stomach for it.

Broker A- Thanks for doing the blog- This site is great.
MDSawzall, you're not Joe's brother, are you?


And hey, if this morning wasn't shaping up crappily enough for all y'all diet drink investors, check this scheiss out:

Are you tawkin' ta meee??
Gapping, CNBC just did a short bit on Broadpoint's NTRI call.
Is TIVO worth a stab here?
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