Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Bob Marley: Stir it Up

NTRI didn't exactly blow the doors off.
lol, holy shit, I stopped out today at $48. What a train wreck, 36 and change!
I was stopped out at $48 today as well. Thank goodness.
I guess everyone was stopped out today at $48.

Why wasn't I informed of this future news.

I'm being stopped out now in after hours.

Today, I dine in hell.
I was stopped out @ 48 too. Not, after the last quarter I vowed never to own that piece of shit company again.
So it looks like I was the only one to get shit stomped (besides Broker). Everyone else got stopped out @ 48 for some reason. Figures.

This is one of the rare times when I'm glad I'm poor. If I actually could have afforded more than ten shares, things could have been much worse.

Hooray for poverty.
Not enough fat lazy fuckers who want to lose weight?

What is this country coming to?

They are so lazy, they won't even eat pre-package meals. Pre-packaged meals! The work is already done for them! Arrgghh!!
Jeremy, just mentioning, but if you look at 5min candle chart I think you'll agree that a 5min candle break/close under 48 was a reasonable stop if you got in during the run down to 47 last week.
Looks to me like a decent quarter of results, a really awful guidance job by management prior to this news, and a tough year-ago comparison.

From the Citi analyst report that first pissed Fly off:
In the near-term, trends at NTRI may be negatively impacted by 2 short-term issues: 1) the impact from the trial of Alli and 2) tough comparisons given the successful launch of the Dan Marino marketing campaign in 3Q06 (revenues grew 141% to $155mm in 3Q06—to put this in perspective, the seasonally stronger 1Q06 had revenues of $147mm).

This could be worth buying, depending on how it settles down.

Between share buybacks and a better job of attracting new customers (possibly baked in if the lure of Alli really is fading), this could be selling at less than 10X next year's earnings.
Why get pre-packages meals when I can go to BWLD and get the shit served to me while watching my favorite game on a 300inch screen.
No, scratch that.

The Fed cut rates by 50 points. Americans can now lose weight while eating donuts nonstop.

Sell NTRI, buy KKD.
Jeremy, I was never stopped out, it was a joke. Lucky for me I did not own NTRI.

Fuck NTRI, long live BWLD! (and the fat fuckers)
Not to mention hotties serving those wings, Ragin', not some fat wenches.

Turns out it wasn't NTRI's competitor that was giving people the shits, it was NTRI's numbers.

Sorry Fly.
Cramer is a fucking idiot. He says today was the first time in a long time gold stocks were down. WTF happened yesterday?
Look at the gold stocks today. Just about all gold stocks were down today EXCEPT ABX. Is there a leak @ CNBC?
I'm going to have my congressman propose a healthcare bill that requires any porkers more that 25 lbs overweight to get on the NTRI program, or be forced to go through this:
Jeremy, just mentioning, but if you look at 5min candle chart I think you'll agree that a 5min candle break/close under 48 was a reasonable stop if you got in during the run down to 47 last week.

Good observation, I agree. However (for better or worse) I hate to default to technicals like that when my thesis is fundamentally driven, ya know?

So I guess I'm not sure that the break of 48 reflected an understanding of what a shitty quarter was to come. Were the technicals really that telling?
Jeremy, you're right, the break at 48 obviously didn't reveal to me the quarter, I'm just saying that's why I got out when I did. Got a little lucky here for sure.
Jeremy, the stock gapped down huge twice in the last 3 months. Bad sign.

Then, after the last gap down, the stock couldn't even muster a dead cat bounce. Bad sign.

So I say yes, the chart has looked like a train wreck for the better part of 2 months, and therefore the technicals were telling.
I feel for your trader/servant tomorrow.
company buying cheap
This comment has been removed by the author.
I got in after the move down following the lowered Citi PT. I thought we were oversold there, and that Alli/"Marino comps" was already priced in. I thought that Mr. Badishkanian's cautious note was mistaken for panic.

I fucked up.
you only had ten shares, big deal. get over it jeremy.
One more comment - place those stops below MVIS. That fucking conference leaves me with no confidence whatsoever. Glad I sold down my position.
I think Nutrisystem has to bear down, and get outside the box now.

Prepackaged food, delivered to your door?

Forget that!

NTRI needs to start offering pre-digested food, in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana flavors, hand-delivered by carefully sculpted Hooter's babes, administered by same, via.... wait on it ... lager-embedded esophagal feeding tube!.

Big screen remote control services extra!
Again, Joe, go fuck yourself.

Stop commenting here.
Done. Take care.
Ass hat of the week award goes to CIBC for their $95 call on NTRI. Oh and I got stopped out at 48 too, Dan Marino called me and told me he didn't like the food.
Broker by the way are you going to stick with NTRI? Word is Hillary has a magic weight loss plan that will make everyone an even 125 lbs, she calls it communizzle weightloss.
I'm sympathetic to technical analysis. Most of my best trades have been based solely upon it.

But I have a hard time placing much confidence in a set of trading methods that can be (and are) easily implemented by computers. But maybe that's not a justifiable reason for outright abandonment. I'm not sure.

One last comment before I eat some watercrisps. GOOD FUCKING CALL Broadpoint Capital! You cum guzzling faggots.
Gapping -- The Hillary plan would be okay if it key ingredient didn't entail massive food shortages.

And all due respect to your Asshat of the Week Nomination, but I'm pretty sure Joe got the trophy (see last thread).

Maybe for the Month, even.
You're a dick. I'm sure you will still lurk.


Not sure. My first hunch is to liquidate and move on.

I'll take a fresh look in the AM.

The Citi analyst really railroaded me.
fwiw, or not ... my own technical rule : 3 gaps down, more often than not, usually does it.(unless the company is going extinct) But no reason to rush in ... a base will take time for form. I'd just watch it for a while. Its extremely rare to see V-bottoms after 3 gaps.
Fly, I clicked as many sponsors as my finger could take, I hope this helps recoup some of your losses.

Don't let the NTRI get you down. Fuck them, and there fucking shitty ass food. We have other fish to fry.

Minor setback, minor.

Note: RIMM will blow the cover off the estimates, and you will be right back where you left off.
Great song Fly...

Sorry about the NTRI.


You're gonna have to click on a few hundred thousand ads.


Tomorrow I get back to slaying the bears.
NTRI will dine in hell along with all the fat fuckers. Be careful as RIMM is priced to perfection and my puts are ticking up slowly.
Unlike NTRI, I really do not care what happens to RIMM.

Should it trade down $20, I won't even look twice.
Fuck skinny people and NTRI, go BWLD.

pg. 28 of this looks nice for MVIS

we fly soon
I've seen that somewhere before...

Did someone else post the text?
Fuck off, Joe.
The Fly is God.
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