Friday, October 26, 2007


CFC call is going well/ Fuck you shorts, you're dead

"The tanned one" is spitting a good shine. As a result, the stock is lifting off, taking Mother Market with it.

My guess, the shorts get boot stomped, all the way to the closing bell.

With my money, I'm buying WBD, BWLD and JCG.

In short, you're all free to get drunk, throw shit around and buy stocks.

I just took a slug of bourbon whiskey (Knob Creek neat) and hit the buy key multiple times.
wfr off the hook

MVIS is already drunk
XFML Muther Fuckers!!!!!! Now only down 16% - fuckin yeah!
Good call on CFC. But if you made the call on Thursday it would have been nice. Making the call this morning is really a 20/20 hindsight. I was expecting a bounce in CFC but did not have the cash and did not thought the bounce could be so fierce.

So what the heck are you still holding MVIS the loser for? Why do you still refuse to buy SWC? You bad luck continues for as long as you do not own SWC and as long as you continue to own MVIS.
SWC sucks goat cock.
Told you on XFML, more info to come.
How bout NEU

Witch by the way is one one of the worst symbols on Wall St. along with MCHX

I missed you - sold SWC when I was down 5% and picked up XFML and am now down 16% - two fucking grat trades. It's a very, very, very minor position. I spill that money out of my pockets when I change my pants. Maids scramble around for it, but I just stare in amazement. Man, this is a country of have and have nots.


This market is rocking just like I said. I am god!
West Coaster:

SWC is a great stock worth holding for long term. I am not worried about 5% up or down any day. If you know it's going up 20 to 40 folds in 4 years, you want to hold on tight no matter what. It's meaningless to sell on 5% gain or 5% loss.

One regret I have is with JRCC. Loaded up quite some around $4. But sold premature to laod up SWC and PAL. I think it will fall on a very bad quarterly earning next week. Watch it and then load some.
Broker A:

So you are fucking your mother goat which also has a dick? Weird.

SWC does not suck Romanian goat tits. Your MVIS may do.
JJ, u dumbass drunk pollutinum bullshitter ... I went into PAL today cause Jim Rogers says palladium is cheap .

I'm thinking about shorting SWC as a pears trade. My catalyst is they suck & so do you.

Good day.
sturbburn SWC fukcer
Fuck your parradium. Yukon Cornelius didn't help out Rudolph and Herbie because he was out licking his pick for traces of parradium.

Prison-pussy bearded cryto-sexual umbrella totin' Snowman did not narrate and sing "Parradium and Pratinum" now did he?

Now did he??

Dumb shat. Get with the program.
The Program:








Merry Christmas, Uncle Fucker.

jj is 12. he has no idea what you are talking about.
My kids all know what I'm talking about and not a one of them is 12 yet.

Tip: They still show Rudolph seventy times every year on twelve different cable channels.

If you bought PAL, you will buy SWC next. The temptation to make profit is irresistable. You should have bought a few weeks ago. Why do you guys have to wait for Jim Rogers speak, before you will make the move? Jim Roger is smart. But he is not the only one who is smart.

A nice tip here other than palladium: Buy some tellurium, which is produced in area 52 only. Thank me later.
6 month palladium price? plus 1%

6 month SWC stock price? minus 35%

Great pick!
Maybe that's an anomally.

Lets check 1 year.

palldium? up 15%

SWC? down 3%

Oops. Guess not
I dont want to cherry-pick time perids just to make jj look like a fool. so lets be fair and check the 2 year charts also:

Palladium--up 75%

SWC--up 7%

Congatulations JJ! At that rate all palladium has to do is go to $100,212 an oz in 10 years and youll have a double.

If palladium goes to $100,212 as you said, how much money SWC will be making. And it will be selling at double today's price? I wish there is such a steal in the market place.

Well the steal is right here right now. Buy SWC now. It's cheaper than buying it 10 years later.
It's not a fair comparison. You need to look at 4 year chart, starting from the low point of both palladium and SWC. That's April, 2003.
jj, admit it - SWC is really a badly run company .. management is as bad as they come

No do not blame on management. There are only two things in metal mining: The sales revenue, and the mining cost. Digging one ton of rock from 500 meters down under and smelter the rocks to extract just half an ounce precious metal. That is very costly.

The problem is with the price disparity of palladium versis platinum. Both metals are equally scarce and cost equally to mine. So why should palladium is 4 times cheaper than platinum? It's a historical price aberration which will be corrected.

If Palladium is priced the same as platinum, SWC would have been making huge amount of money already. But the metal price will be moving up a lot for sure.
Jim Rogers has been right in pointing out that palladium is a better buy than platinum, that palladium is now 75% below its all time high just a few years ago in 2000, while platinum is making new highs. Inflation adjusted, the all time high of palladium was actually $4000 an ounce in today's dollar. I guess it was in the 1960 - 1970?

The sales revenue versus stock price ratio of SWC is super high. If only a fraction of the sales turn into profit that's a lot of money.
Of course. all the ladies are dying for palladium jewlery. Lead too!
Kinda ridiculous that you have to cherry pick a 4 year old chart to get a favorable comparison, don't you think?

But hey, if the dollar continues to slide you might actually make some money by accident, even with such a poorly run company as SWC.

For those folks buying PCU in the middle of 2003, what kind of chart did they have to show. Did they have a chart to show where PCU is in 2007, or all they had is a chart showing a dead flat snake from 1993 to 2003?

There are fundamental reasons that palladium price must go up, and go up a lot, and it is not because of US dollar. I researched and listed all the reasons that palladium will go up, on my blog site. Too bad you did not read them.

You think I just toss a dice and then decided to concentrate 90% of my 401K into palladium play?

I don't look at charts, I look at fundamentals. You extrapolate any chart, it either tells you the stock is going to infinity, or is going to zero. You have to look at fundamentals.
The strongest argument I have is the Russians have been dumping 2 million ounces of palladium from their government stockpile. So during the time from 2003 to today, the market is flooded with annual global production PLUS 2M extra from Russian stockpile sale. And amid that extra Russian supply, the palladium price defied gravity and went up from $142 to today's $375.

Now what happens if Russians STOP selling the stockpile, not because they don't want to, but because they simply run out? In 2000 one rumor that the Russians will halt stockpile sale was enough to send palladium to $1100. What will happen today when the Russians simply do not have any more?
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