Monday, October 01, 2007


Closing Comments

For the most part, everything melted up today, led by the homies. Early this morning, Citi upgraded the homebuilders, citing a good trade. However, it's also worth noting, Citi upgraded the sector, right at the fucking top. In short, they suck.

The usual suspects lifted today, including solar, chinese and internet related names. By the way, OSTK is on one hell of a run.

Fuck you Herb Greenberg.

In addition, I liked the action in the retail sector, especially JCG, ZUMZ and SHLD. "The Fly" may start buying SHLD.

Finally, this fucking MVIS reminds me of the New York Mets. Lots of hype and promise, yet the team and stock fail to perform. Hopefully, Tokman doesn't turn out to be a Willie Randolph.

If anyone from Microvision is reading this (I know you are), you cannot go on a news blackout like this. It's not fair to your investors and it wreaks of weakness. Aside from managing the business, it's important to manage the stock too. That's right, manage the stock. Give your investors a bone; otherwise, they will dump you like a dirty heroin needle.

Right on!!! regarding mvis!

i just bought 2k today, hope they perform-
Comment here...this guy works there
Gaaaahhhhh! They've tattoo- lasered the ghostly woman and her dead child on my retinas!!

Where's an ambulance chaser when you need one??
I feel like I invested in MVIS and Butthead.
As much as i know MVIS is a future story, it is starting to piss me least it doesnt go anywhere on down day either. It really is set for an explosive move if we ever get any news.

They are speaking at a SID show tomorrow, but not sure if there is a booth type of thing.

Definitley dont want to wait til JAnuary for fucking news! Make something up for chrisake. couple projection with porn. cant miss.
Couple it with Chinese solar gaming.

Vill-tuawl One-Almed Bandlits!

We investors would just like them (Microvision) to manage their stock at least a fraction as well as they managed it for *themselves* back when they needed the share price to sustain above $5.35 long enough to call in the warrants and fill their company coffers. Is that too much to ask?
I already dumped half my MVIS man, way too frustrating of a stock.
you, most of you, fly included, siggy too, sound like disgruntled cheerleaders. You tell yourself what to do (shut up and hold, (long term play)) but dont shut up and whine. What do you want, them to PR the stock so it goes to fucking 6 or seven? Fuck that. Chill out or sell. I believe in the stock. It is 100% of my holdings and have held and not sold this -a- o- --i- for 8 years. And I dont plan to sell. But I will buy some more if ciggi and fly friends sell and even have a tic or a toc and the stock goes down.
Dont get me wrong, I like discourse, but I have been around MVIS too long and have seen way to many time, rightfully so many occacions, longs whine, they finally sell.
Well, ive got a flush draw, open ended straight, top pair and i aint folding til i see the river, no balls can fold now
You don't want me to sell.

Be nice.

It wouldn't be seamless.
BA --

I got a guy. An old trader.

He's got more than you.


He won't sell either.

Ironically (and likely meaninglessly), his name is also "Jim."
fly, i suggest to my family to buy this stock, and do not wish upon anyone to sell this stock. As you know, they would be missing out on something.
i have nothing against you, and am in support of your blog and wishes for MVIS, i appreciate what you do and it provides time taken in my day when i visit, so thank you.
just saying, stop whining about the stock price.
i know it is your profession so that is your job to consider stock prices on a daily basis, and thank you for that research in what you do, but i dont care if you sell, and i dont think it would have a big affect on the share price. there are plenty of buyers out there for your shares.
if we are instant messaging friends, i implore you not to sell, and wish more and more of the kings riches upon you, if not, do what the ---- you want. its just a stock, and i dont care.
maybe he feels the same way you do about MVIS only he's whining for theatre or entertainment or to get under the skin of readers like you to get a reaction?

what do you think?

what was the deal with that huge cross trade in mvis ah?

You stocktards needed to accept that it is going to take until 2009 before we see some black (coin) and we are being punished because the former ceo was an idiot.

Tokman was able to force MOT to reveal their working relationship with MVIS, but others may not want to tip their hand… during CES in Jan you will get a peek at the new PicoP projector and it will steal the show.
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