Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Closing Comments

I made a lot of moves, late in the day. Surprisingly, late in the day, I covered much of my LAZ short, mainly due to convoluted feelings. "The Fly" doesn't like to root for his stocks to go up and down-- at the same time.

The trade was a loser. I should have covered it a few days ago. Unfortunately, I let hubris get in the way of good money management--always a bad idea.

Also, at the end of the day, I bought some RIMM, despite having a cost basis in the teens. As you know, the company is due to report earnings on Thursday. From what I hear, this will be RIMM's best quarter ever.

In short, as much as I disdain frothiness in stocks I do not own, this market is going higher. It's a fucking runaway freight train, with a nuclear bomb on board.

Get out of the way.

As oil continues to slide, I like BWLD even more.

Finally, iiG never goes down, ever.

"Finally, iiG never goes down, ever."

Is that because it is a "high-browed" firm and never gets its eyebrows punched off?
highest volume in 3 months for iiG as well...
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whats up with one of your largest positions--VLO? While a large percentage of your stocks are up since i started tracking them, that one has remained consistently sludgy. Still got it?
IIG is in China selling solar one armed bandits to rising middle class Chinese.

All 500 million of 'em.

Get yo shayuh of biryons and biryons of photovortaic glowth and gambring ploceeds!

you certainly are not lacking for talent. lol.
you could just about teach CSL (Chinese as a Second Language)
RIMM is in India now.....of course it will be punching off mustaches. Long in the 30's. Always a step behind.....
IFN has been punching long, flowing mustaches off recently. It has lagged FXI and needs to do some catch up work.

(FXI is up about 97 % YTD vs. IFN up 28%.)
Gracious admission. Maybe we need to feature the "sting o' pride" scene from Pulp Fiction as a reminder to us all.

You still got that SRS, btw?
Great pick in RIMM. I think people are still addicted to their crackberrys despite AAPL's addition to the field. It's only a matter of time before the original generation of blackberrys go out of commission and those'll make for added sales. Extra point for the back-off that RIMM had today, makes it an even cheaper buy.
BWLD because oil is going down? Are we talking canola, peanut or crude?
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