Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Closing Comments

You think it's pretty ballsy buying RIMM, ahead of numbers, huh?

"The Fly" doesn't give a shit. This stock can drop 60 points and I'll still be up 100%.

Today, as you know, "The Fly" bought a basket of crazy Chinese stocks. To celebrate this event, I will be dining at Red Robster tonight, where quality is scarce, yet robster abundant.

The whole China thing is fun. What the fuck?

I'm up so much this year, why not throw a few lotto tickets into the barrel of fire?

If I fuck up and lose money, I'll make it back, within seconds.

Today's buys included CAAS, XFML, NOEC and JADE.

Basically, "The Fly" made buckets of coin today, as HANS, BWLD and OEH catapulted higher.

I endured small set backs in NTRI, FXI, RS and CORS.

In short, I have no fucking idea what the employment numbers will look like. Moreover, I could care less.

I'm far too busy celebrating gains in HANS and BWLD (top 5 position), than to fuck around and worry about unemployed fucktards.

China died today.
Great Post.

I'd trade playoff baseball for "making buckets of coin" any time.
Don't choke on your "Robster"

16:40 NTRI Nutrisystem sees Q3 EPS of $0.62-0.66 vs $0.82 Reuters consensus; revs $188 vs $204.91 mln Reuters consensus (47.57 -0.69) -Update-
Uh oh. NTRI lowers again?

Havent you heard ancient chinese adage? Dont fight the fat...grasshopper
That blows. I'm not eating robster tonight.
LDK (Stupid Solar Stock) bought the farm, err, rice paddy today.
This hurts.

It's going to leave a mark.

You fucking fat fucks. Go on a diet already.
Yeah, it really blew the fuck up. $36.90
You know we saw one of their commercials last night, and the wif sez: "You know, they really have GREAT commercials."

Maybe you just have to wait until the new marketing kicks to the bottom line?
Holy shasta, that's like "Chinese down."
Meanwhile, BRUD comes out with scorchin' hot mama numbers and it's only up about fitty cent in AH, after being down over a buck all day.
Increase of $100M in share buyback should provide some support around here. I don't own any but will put a limit in here for a few shares for a swing.
Forget the swing. Don't want to hang around for morning downgrades. I am in and out.
whats BRUD?
"BRUD" is Jake's conversion of the real ticker symbol into the Solar Chinese dialect.
ooooh...LDKs contoller left? Why didnt Robert Chew tell me? That was one of his picks apparently.

Thats the prob with them chinese co's....controls. could happen to any of em
Should have known just by reading Fly's remarks. Hubris my man - you called it yesterday on another trade. Your words not mine. I know, shut the Fuck Up! But just hear me out for a fucking second, for real. Just read your lead in. Man, that is a top if I ever seen it. For me, its when I am trading my futures (e-mainis) and I jump from my chair and pump my fist on a nice move up. If I have any fucking sense at all, I sell at that very moment, because sure as shit at that very moment the market bitch grabs my nuts and laughs real hard. Its fucked - its the markets. Respect it justa notch or get your mustache punched off. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Fuck You "joe". Love you long time.
Listen up fuck face:

Don't you ever come here and try to school me on the markets.

I live by the sword and will die by it.

NTRI was research gone bad. It happens to everyone.

While you may choose to obey stupid meaningless graphs, I choose a different, much more effective, system.

Funny thing is you, like other fucktards who come to this site, always try to point out my losers, but ignore the massive gains i have been making--since starting this blog.

In short, Joe, you are an asshole and I would seriously break your jaw, if given the opportunity.

I own a lot of NTRI and will see red tomorrow.

So, do me a favor and fuck off-- you little corn can fucking midget.
Wow - whereas I took the other "fuck offs" as part of your shtick, this one made me believe that you are genuinely unbalanced. I have complimented your blog and your picks all along. It has only been today that I decided to fire back when you essentially called me a lazy fuck for using technicals. I dug you, your picks and your blog - I got it, it was good fun. But that all stopped with your last post. Its been fun, but I must now move on. I wish you the best Fly.
Joe, we are all guests here. You've been incredibly rude.

The right approach would have been to note the hubris angle yesterday (when it mattered), to have tied it into your own experiences when hubris led you astray (so it wasn't personal) and then to have shut the funk up when NTRI blew up.

Not so hard. So very different from calling the host unbalanced.
Nice comment Ottnot.

I know this is a fun site and all, but it's also comforting to see a modicum of maturity every now and again.


Not that you should labor under the delusion that I will provide any.

Who ever fucking said I was balanced?

Do you think I kid when I say "off with your mustache" or "go fuck an iRobot"?

I am unbalanced. Be careful, for I will track you down and remove your kitchen cabinets.

Don't let the nuclear bomb hit you on the way out.
Who ever fucking said I was balanced?

Nobody on this blog, as far as I can remember.

Maybe a parent, back before you could even crawl?
"remove your kitchen cabinets"

great stuff

"Do you think I kid when I say "off with your mustache" or "go fuck an iRobot"?"

I love it!
I'm glad I found this blog. It's funny as shit, and I like guys that pick stocks based on something other than that strict, technical chart nonsense. Yeah, this was a missed pick but big fucking deal. The history of posts I have read so far are pretty fucking impressive.
Fuck yeah, Andy.

"The Fly" will serve up a softball, soon.
Fuck off, Joe. Move on.
The Fly is God.
I would think Joe would realize by what happened w NTRI it proves how useless TA can be. Which of the technical signals accounts for lowered guidance? Or a CFO leaving? Or upward guidance? or surprise earnings? Or million other things that can happen to a stock?...none do--thats which one do.
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