Thursday, October 04, 2007


Closing Comments

I'm burnt out. No closing comments today.

New goal on the board: "make up the 12.5 points lost on this NTRI shit, within a month."

Just happy to be alive, balls and all.

Go fuck yourself, asshole.
go fuck your vcr.
Saying that shit to "The Fly" is like saying it to me.

fuck around and end up missing in the 9th Ward.
RIMM has been wild AH.

Before the ER, bid was at $100 and change.

Within 10 seconds of the ER, the bid jumped to $104+.

During the next 10 minutes, the bid dropped down to a low of $93.

As I write this, the bid is at $100.

All of this action on about 10 million shares traded.

The wild west like after hours market...
*Is the fly pondering hot options activity?
Steven Mihaylo, IIG 10% owner, bought 250k shs 2 days ago @ 23.5
Brucie, that's because the leads aren't shit...

well, you know.
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