Friday, October 05, 2007


Closing Comments

Tell me, do people from down south eat bbq pork ribs, while driving in their pick-up trucks, regularly?

I have a meeting with some strange southerner (client) next week and I was thinking about offering him some greasy bbq pork ribs, as a gift. Do you think this is an appropriate gift or should I just go with the corn bread?

Hey, a short while ago, one of my Alabama clients gave me homemade jam and a giant bag of pecans. I didn't think it was weird. Perfectly normal.

Aside from this dilemma "The Fly" is faced with, I enjoyed the markets gains today, with big dicked gains in RIMM, FXI, CN, AEO, CALM, GLF, AAPL, GME and BWLD.

As you know, the bears are fucked, as everyone loves stocks again, despite really poor people defaulting on their loans.

Also, I still own SRS, despite it lighting my balls on fire. It's a hedge, relax--go eat a sandwich.

Finally, words cannot explain how fucked the iiG shorts are. There is a maniac investor, buying 300,000 share per week, upping his stake to 10% of the company, while more than 50% of the shares are sold short. Plus, the company has instituted a ridiculous share buyback, committed to buying back 30% of the company. Can you say squeeze?

For those who have made money with me on this one, "The Fly" will be invoicing you shortly.

Shotgun to the head pick: iiG

Where in the South?

Some places use a dry rub; others use sauce on their pig; still others prefer pulled pork to rib.

Here in TX, they're so gawdawful weird that they prefer beef to pig for their Q.

Of course, in Louisiana, my cousins' eat anything, including bear. I think there are a few dead ones out there, today ...
Ok I'll invoice you for the NTRI, MCHX, SRS, WGAT and ARWR, dickhead. Fortunately, I didn't invest in any of this crap. I know better by now. Have a shitty weekend, asshole.
Hey Knob--

May the Gods drop you down a sewer pipe this weekend.


Texans love brisket. Personally, I like rib eyes, 2 1/2 inches if you will.
Yeah, they eat nutria down in Lawsy'anna.

But the rub-type bbq is the best.

Recommendation: Shanes Rib Shack out of Georgia.

If that shit ever goes public, make sure you are on the IPO "friends and fambly" list.
Drosophila, my friend:

As you know, I find I experience Crohn's-like reactions to your Glengarry-type preferences.

Hence, your "shotgun to the head" pick has me wrestling with my infrequent agita.

I was wondering, however, if you might have something like a "small, concealable handgun to the head pick," in reserve?

Maybe a Wather PPK pick or some such thing?
Oh yeah, here's the link to Shane's Rib Shack. Anyone know anything about Raving Brands?.

Anyway, this stuff is the shit.

Here's a buttload of locations down South, too. You should check one of 'em out if you're down there.
If he is from Carolina the pulled pork sauce will be a peppery vinegar base. If he is from Alabama send out for some Dreamland Que in Tuscaloosa near the U of Ala. campus (Bear Bryants hangout) or from Miss. get some Little Dooeys neaar the Miss. State campus (on the ESPN top 5 Q places).
The only nutria my cuz's will eat is second-hand, i.e., it's been fed to the gator first.
Don't worry about that SRS.

Have a sandwich.
Someone from down south told me to buy JRJC two days ago.

Broker A, do me a favor and give your client corn bread. Save the grease from the ribs for my ass, cause it's hurtin' pretty bad now.

good weekend to all.
Broker: what any southern client really wants if the red on his neck is the real deal, is a NYC call girl.

Ask the Woodshedder .. he didn't choose that moniker fer nuthin.
Dreamlands is crap, even with the white bread..........Little DooDooey's is worse. If you have a real southern client, give him the best shit from the Q capital.

Bill, we once picked up a 5 foot road kill gator and threw it in the back of an El Camino. True story. It was hit trying to cross Hwy 17 just north of Charleston. We saw 3 cars completely roll over the top of it. As we were pulling onto the property (60 acres on the marsh) the gator came back to life. We had to beat it back to death with the tire iron. Anyway, once we were sure it was dead, we cleaned it up. It did have several large rats in its stomach, as well as some of the largest earthworms I'd ever seen.

The tail grilled up really nicely. If I remember correctly, we had also caught a stingray and used a cookie cutter to cut out some nice pieces to lay on the grill.

Bruce, NYC women are some of the worst in the world. Go talk to a Knoxville girl for a while and her accent will melt you. Or better yet, have a tanned Charleston girl serve you up some shrimp and grits and She crap soup. Who the hell wants big hair, gawdy jewelry, and a woman that doesn't know her place? Just kidding on the last one.
"Maybe a Wather PPK pick or some such thing?"


You misspelled that. It's a "Walther" PPK. Careful, Nazis will come over and punch your thin goatee off for that.

I prefer the Swiss Sig 357 to the 9mm PPK--more brain matter scatter.

In more important matters, go Tribe! Go Sox!
broker - I would give them some of your favorite rib eyes. maybe something else to accompany them, something from NYC...maybe a rub or marinade or something. Send em home with a little of your favorites...southerners appreciate the gesture. they already have all the bbq they need. or you could just get em a kkk hood or a dixie flag... or tattoo yourself with "The South Will Rise Again"
Woody, study up
... your wife will wonder what you've been doing in your spare time.
picked up a 5 foot road kill gator and threw it in the back of an El Camino

^The only the way that sentence could have been more southern is if it ended with " as to look fashionable at Waffle House."

Jake: The sidearm of a true gentleman = Desert Eagle (aka "the Deagle!")

BA: I don't know what you're supposed to offer a Southerner. But if it was my problem, I'd just set up a dog fighting arena in the office.

Maybe offer them some moonshine (in a Starbucks cup, of course).

Or maybe you could force your trader/servant to put on a stovepipe hat-- and then invite your guests to slap the shit out of the Great Emancipator.

Tenessee Mountain has great BBQ. It's on Spring Street in SOHU. Ambiance sucks but the BBQ is awesone....and it's within walking distance of the Bleeker Street bars. But I like Sylvia's in Harlem for true southern cusine. Best fried okra and rhubard pie in Manhattan.
Fly, Indians and Blue Jackets win today.

Stockhead -- I'm no gun maven, but I once looked at selling a huge gun retailer (the guy had tanks, no shit) down here once. The guy recommended a Sig Sauer 9mm to me, if that's what you are talking about.

T -- Corky's is "just okay."

I used to like their turkey bbq. But they are "sauce" and "rub" is king. viz, Shanes.
the FLY:

My condulence on your heavy loss on NTRI. I never thought it was a good stock to own, after I first learned the symbol from you. Your MVIS is also a big loser. Why do you still hold it? I never liked it. Anything that you meantion that I like I would have bought. Like I followed you and bought UNG right at the bottom of $33.50. but yesterday I already sold most of my UNG, and bought PAL and SWC instead.

Guess what? Today, UNG plummetted, and PAL gained 7.77%, and SWC also gained a lot. Are you still so stubbrun that you simply refuse to even open your eyes and look at SWC? The PGM metals are rallying to new all time highs. That is a fact. With a super low price/earnings, SWC could easily turn out huge amount of profit right at metal prices here.

I hope you spend the weekend read over what I wrote. Many people did and followed me to buy SWC and PAL. You think I am nut putting 90% of my retirement into SWC and PAL, and 10% for something else? One day I would regret that I did not put 100%.
You are wrong about iig
the report of 50% of the float sold short is wrong. Institutional ownership over 100%,,,,
One institution borrowed, and then bought back,,screwing up both numbers, which means, short interest is actually lower and institutional ownership is lower too.
It still looks like a momentum long on a technical trade thou..

A 357 Sig is more powerful than a "9". Many law enforcement groups are switching to it because of better ballistics --e.g. knockdown power.

Get yours while they last.
Stock -- again, being from New York originally, it's an uphill battle to get me all the way across the line to actually owning a gun. My best friends down here are all gun owners, however, and it makes me warm and fuzzy to now how many of my neighbors pack. Burglaries are less than seldom as a result.

All that said, I might consider getting one after all the kids get out of the house (a while now). Is that .357 an automatic or a revolver?

It is a semi-auto pistol with a 15-shot magazine. (This is the same gun used by the "Jason Bourne" character in both the "Bourne" movies.)

Consider the SigSauer P229 Equinox in the "357 Sig" cartridge. It is a sweet shooter, and is being used by the U.S. Secret Service as well as Dallas SWAT and other law enforcement agencies like U.S. Marshals.

The cartridge is a "hot" load, essentially a .40 cal cartridge necked-down to take a .357 bullet.

You can effectly "blow up" small mammals and various varmints with the pistol, or if need be, use it to pop a cap in a sucka.
Oh yeah.

Go Tribe!

(Sox already swept Angels!)
Yanks still in it... playin' for Torre.
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