Monday, October 22, 2007


Closing Comments


Should I even talk about MVIS anymore? It is clear that the stock is getting burned to the ground, partly thanks to the company's comatose IR department. It always amazes me how well or poorly people take losses.

Some people I know stay cool, calm and collected, while others rip the fucking carpets from under his trader/servant. As you know, I'm the latter.

My worst fear is coming to fruition, which is MVIS going into CES with a 3 handle. It is un-fucking-believable how gay this stock is behaving.

In short, like all real men, I like my stocks to go higher. Don't you dare email me with suggestions to be patient. I have been.

As for the market:

This is the best case scenario. The market fucked the shorts at the end. That's all you really need to know.

With my money, I scalped money trades in FXI and FTK, while nibbling at XFML--near the lows. Until that fucker gets an 8 handle, I will no longer post my trades. It hurts too much.

In closing, it probably makes sense to invest as ignorant as possible--just buying shit for fun, while drunk. I mean, investing indiscriminately, while drunk, has worked for years.

Why should now be any different?

Top pick: VMI

MVIS will go up fuckers. FUCK.

Off to smoke bluntz with cops.
Fly, I am not sure if you know how to use email.
Breaking News -- this just in from the Option Monster -- heavy call option activity in the out months on MVIS. Dylan, the smart money is buying ahead of CES and expecting a move up to over 5.25
CRAAPL is vigourously assaulting old ladies with their own walkers in the after hours.

Old ladies stupid enough to short it, I should say.

I'm going to have to change CRAAPL's nickname one of these days.
Jake, WTF is wrong with BRUD?


Take the loss.
BRUD sickness? I dunno, it looks like it was just weak handed down today... the stoch is turned back up, and it looks like it held support, so I'm not too concerned.

Checkout BIOS while you are digging around. Real nice weekly chart.
GILT took off today as well.

I don't get it?

Where's the feckless bragadaccio?

The self congratulatory chest beating?

Farking AAPL is throwing bears off buildings right now and they are art deco buildings.

You know, like the Chrysler Building with cornices and gargoyles and such? So the bears aren't going straight to the pavement, but leaving limbs and mustaches on various beaks and crenolations.

It's quite hideous.
Seriously imagine getting thrown off of this?

Crap, by the time you hit the eagle heads midway through you are asking "Sweet pavement, where is thy dark kiss?"

You'll get that shit tomorrow.
I used to work in that stupid building.
My very first job out of school was in the Greybar building... not too far from there, right off the GC Station.
Is this news?
Microvision has 2 corporate events before CES. One this Wednesday in the Fly's supposed back yard. I have not seen any talk of this yet.
thats my technique
MVIS is an odd gay fellow, no?
Read the MVIS blog today. They got the real deal.
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