Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Closing Comments

I did lots of fun shit today, such as kick elderly men, who are obviously short stock, down open manholes.

Don't fuck with me, despite MVIS weakening--late in the day.

At the close of trading, I bought shares of WBD, FMCN, XFML and VMI.

In short, "The Fly" is doing much, much better than you, and has a brighter future.

Aside from greatness, "The Fly" is working on some new shit, soon to be announced to you (internet leeches).

Finally, if a knife were put to my neck, in order to extract one stock pick, I'd say: "cut my head off Sir, if you must, but before you do; go long WBD."

NOTE: AH'S carnage.

AH ? You mean AMZN ?
AH: After Hours.

Everything getting shredded. We're doomed.
I had to share this. A guy I know who has never touched stocks in his life decided to start trading in mid July. Everything he touched turned to shit. He was long QLD and look what happened in August. He went long QID August 16th (the day the market bottomed) . He went long NTRI right before its July earnings release. The guy went long AMZN today right before earnings (and look whats happening).
You can't make this stuff up. I keep getting updates on his positions so I can go short ( or make sure I'm not long). Some people are cursed.
BOOM is the shit. Earns AH thursday. $68 coming.
That's like Gary's metaphor of the guy running through a dynamite warehouse with a lit match.

Stick to mutual funds until you've got a grasp, or you're in Vegas.
My stuff seems to be okay. What of yours is getting "shredded?"
Whatever you announce, I hope you are working on a downloadable mustache puncher.
NAZ futures down already -15.

AMZN sucked, BRCM sucked, RVBD is -22%, PNRA sucked...

Pick any sector...

We are going back to DOW 13K test - give it a week from today.
Boomer-Did it stop raining in Nashville? Two rounds of the tournament got rained out although a good time was still had by all in Nashville. I read that the owner of the Predators is selling.
UPS didn't suck.

Ever hear of a little thing called the Dow Theory?

Oh, and AMZN is green again.

RVBD? Are you kidding me?

Next you'll tell me the Dow hinges upon MaVIS's earnings call....
Seriously, if we are back to 13k next week, it's only because Goldman and Uncle Ben want another rate cut.

They'll get it either way.
PS -- what's up with WBD?

Is the Russian Mafia pushing kvass these days?

I love that name. They've got to start sponsering tennis tournaments.
Announcement... I'm guessing "The Fly On Wallstreet" deadtree version.

That would provide some good bathroom reading.

Futures are tanking, but Asia is not open yet. The fix comes in for the Yen at 6:00 Pacific Time, let's see how the Yen reacts before we convince ourselves that we are dead. Right now, Yen is off 11 ticks, which is supportive of the market. A smart play with little downside would be to go long the Yen if you think we are dead. With where it is now and the fix coming in, it would provide a nice hedge if your short thesis is correct.
You guys are PIECE of joke.

AMZN is now GREEN? You an idiot or something? It closed at 100+ and now trading at 90.50.

UPS?? When was that the last market mover?

RIMM back under 121 (was 128+), AAPL 183 (was 188+).

You will get punked...

Even Mr. Cramer (the bozo clown) said to sell 3 of 4 "horseman", except GOOG.

Learn how to trade...
19:03 After Hours Summary: AMZN down 9.2% on earnings/guidance; GSS down 6.3% (proposed offering of convertible senior unsecured debentures and preannounces Q3 results)

Companies moving in after hours trading in reaction to earnings: Trading Up: PFWD +7.1%; ACE +4.3%; CEPH +2.7%; STKR +2.4%; CTX +2.3%; CAKE +1.9%... Trading Down: RVBD -22.4%; ANAD -19.8%; EFII -17.5%; CTHR -14.9%; BRCM -12.3%; ALTR -12.1%; SVVS -11.6%; WIRE -11.5%; TRMB -10.6%; SUPX -9.7%; AMZN -9.2%; INFN -9.0%; PNRA -8.8%; JNPR -7.1%; BTUI -6.5%; RFMD -6.4%; ILMN -6.2%; SSTI -5.7%; PLT -5.2%; EPIC -4.2%; HLIT -3.6%; VOCS -3.2%; CLMS -3.0%; NARA -2.7%; DDUP -2.2%; HOKU -2.2%; SEAB -2.1%; CHRW -2.1%; NBR -1.9%; CLZR -1.8%; BCR -1.8%; YDNT -1.4%; FLEX -1.4%; ACTL -1.3%; AFL -1.2%; ORLY -1.2%; CNW -1.1%; CB -1.0%; PTP -1.0%...
Pretty bullish, right? See above...
those are all cartoon stocks, jerkface.
Yeah, he makes some good points though, in cartoon land.

However, since he does live in cartoon land, I expect him to fall of a huge cliff soon and end up as a puff of smoke at the bottom of some gorge.

how dare you call SEAlaB a cartoon stock
Magical Mystikal Klaven Lord:

Hey Dicklips, what language is it you speak, exactly?

Yes, AMZN was green -- meaning it was still positive for the day, ev even with it's blah number.

It ran up because assknocks like you thought that POS was going to blow out numbers for the third time in a row so you tripped over your dick bidding it up.

"Learn how to trade" hairtitz? Why is it all of my positions are fine and you are wringing your limp wrists out over Armegeddon?

Hapless twit. Learn what stocks to get long on.
futs offered on back of this gem

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