Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Closing Comments

This is a lesson for you bears: Fuck with the bull, you get the horns.

All of my 'smart friends' were selling short all day, only to have their fucking faces punched off, in a weird twist of irony. Odd no?

At the same time, "The Fly" was walking around Manhattan, indiscriminately, throwing cherry bombs--near garbage cans.

However, when I came back to the office, thanks to new Fed cut rumors, the market cut the bollocks off the bears, much to "The Fly's" approval.

In short, it looks like we're heading higher again. The analyst from Morgan Keegan is smoking crack pipe, thinking BWLD is fully valued. My sense, the company will blow out numbers, sending the stock to $50.

Upon the bull run renewing, I want to buy LFT, BWLD, VMI and WBD on momentum.

NTRI blew it out of its ass again in the AH. What's the deal with them? It seems like they report earnings every two weeks.
And down another 10% AH.
WTF is the bottom on this POS?
At this rate POS Ediet can buy them out in a couple of weeks.
Wow, looks like FFIV and AKAM are going to attempt to cut the technology bull's nuts off.
Does Bernanke have the bottle to cut rates again?
Glad I'm out of NTRI.

Look for the company to start its buyback, within 3 days.
And to think I bought in because my wife actually lost 30 lbs on it! That diet cost me $85K. Dropping more and they haven't even started talking yet. Glad I bought some Nov 25 puts to stop some of the bleeding.
I am dinosaur trader
No wonder DT's blog is so gay.

Does it ever go down? Unbelievable.

Whose got the next ISRG? Anyone? Buhler?
Next ISRG??
Look at CRDC...designs and manufactures automated anastomotic systems used by surgeons to perform coronary artery bypass surgery.
CME to $1,000.
I know I said I wouldn't watch Fast Money, but I took a peek. Now these pricks don't like chips. A couple of days ago they loved INTC,TXN,BRCM,etc. They all desrve an asshat award. Bring back the Asshat award.
Finding the next Baidu like move. Give me a few days, I will find the next one. Shit, it might be VMW.
Ragin' Cajun, nice analysis on your blog. Anybody got any thoughts on FUQI picking up momentum soon?
Woodshedder, that quip wont go unpunished.

PS: Ducati is Money Skater.
On the NTRI CC, they have had conversations about an LBO, and when asked further, said can't always say we'll be a public company. Let it drip down more, then buy for a 12-18 hold or less if buyout.
rajin - what a call on isrg ! schweeet!

btw, cramer is still bullish on ISRG
ISRG looks great. Even at this price, from what I can tell. Any thoughts to the contrary?

Next time capitalize my name, bitch.

Crazy day- Enjoy the game tonight. Rockies are hot and getting 2-1- I'm down.
AIG-C have got to be cheap. no
Any good news gonna move em.
Going down to Shula's tomorrow and going to put some NTRI meals on the door step with some turds on top of them. Fuck them, assholes. Broker I am about to shit myself in JCG, bought a lot more today. You still like? The stores are coining money.
You ready to get fucked again gapping, your losses on NTRI and JCG should finally do your ass in.
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