Thursday, October 25, 2007


Closing Comments


BOOM blew it out. 58 vs 50
Cheers Boomer!
Shit Boomer you da man !
NTGR blew it the fuck out, too
BOOM better be up a good $4-5 tomorrow. This is blowout stuff. Next Q looks great too.
$100k profit for boomer. Cheers mate.
dont forget the call. mgmt can fuck up a call like no one else.

if good, the short squeeze is just starting.
fuck me, I sold msft at 32.15 today, $33.75 AH
MSFT making a mockery of the shorts
msft is on fire. does bidu announce tonight?
nice deal boomer

if anyone has WFR, its up 6 ah
yep, judgement day for BIDU sometime tonight.
also a Howard pick IBKR is +2 ah on earnings
if BIDU doesn't disappoint, we should have a killer day tomorrow
The last time I saw MSFT move up on that % gain was in 1999. Party on.
that is a lot of market cap getting added to msft. think they'll buy YHOO now?
Only if you had a dream about it Boomer
eh...meant douche
Boomer- Has it stopped raining in Nashville?
off and on in franklin. i think its breaking. when do you come to town?
I was there this past weekend and Monday. The last two rounds were cancelled because the Legends course was unplayable.
I am going to Greensboro,NC (Forest Oaks GC) this weekend to watch another NCAA tournament.
sorry about NTGR - shitty call by me, and I my options...

I said buy puts...hope you did not short common...
Compared to my XFML 'play,' NTGR was a fucking great call.
TC- what a life.

Pounding Stocks all week long- then traveling around the south on the weekends watching NCAA sports.
Sacre Bleu , who iz zis French man on the BOOM conference call. Oh wait its the CEO . My bad.
BIDU missed high revenue estimate.
BIDU 66.3 mil v 65.5 mil estimate revs

72c v 63c estimates earnings

how is this a miss ?
it's not. shorts will get bbq'd here soon enough
BIDU was fine ... just wait till the yuan starts appreciating ... earnings will explode on that alone .. this is a buy
BOOM call is going very well. This stock is just getting the analyst coverage it needs. Great questions.
I'm waiting for a 2:1 split announcement to bring trading liquidity. Let's see...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boom goes "boom," Boom.

Thanks for nagging me into some.

And Mystiky, learn to trade, you farking asshat.*


* Don't fuck with me, he deserved that.
BIDU won't announce a split I think, because they want to ride the GOOG's image coattails.
And speaking of Asshats, this clown needs to have one for his very own, fashioned out tin foil and Abysinnian burro hide, stapled to his scalp with 3/4" copper cleats.
anyone think gme is a buy here with msft success with halo?
Folks, when I said that BIDU missed high revenue estimate, This is the report I meant. Sorry didn't find it sooner.
Most definitley needs an asshat.

Here it is:
Sweet asshat. Both, the hat and the guy.

(Note, he actually looks like the asshat who wants the recession-- only in mid-piracy-- if you get my meaning. viz.)
I think has the best Asshat images.
Not sure how many times I had to tell you guys but storage is on fucking fire. Notice EMC today exploding on earnings. Now I coined 43% in EMC since August and did sell almost all of it today as my target was 24. My point is look at the storage names and buy them into Russian roulette, especially if they have been knocked down. Aside from that I just my fucking jaw broke in XFML, JCG, PMI (ouch, Broker warned me) today. I did make a quick trade from yesterday in NTRI which I believe is turning around and should be bought here. My top pick 3 months out is JCG right here right now. I also like C here as I have been averaging in. One other note, I have heard through insiders at MOT that PicoP is well on its way to being sent to pre-production in the cell phones. Again this is an insider telling me this so it has a little more credibility than some message board posting. And to think I was about to sell the shit a couple days ago. Fuck it, 35,000 long MVIS and enjoying myself now as its my biggest holding.
By the way don't be surprised when INAP blows out the numbers on the 6th. I don't own it but soon will. Barring any unexpected fuckery there is no reason they can't beat big time. They are sold out everywhere I have called for rack space.
I love how gapyap has juicy inside news. I feel like a crafty insider now.

BTW -- similar "crafty insider" made reassurances today on VDSI board. Take it as you will, but I think it hits my 200 day EMA tomorrow for more for me.
Jake-Gold up about $5.50 and silver .15 overseas alrady. It never stops.
Holy shit I never thought I'd see Mister Softie punching mustaches again. That's a shit load of money moving there.
Caddy, I'm Yukon Cornelius to the gills right now buddy.

The only thing I haven't gotten my fill of yet is RGLD, and then I'll be done.
jake - i just put 2 and 2 together. that vdsi friend, sean jackson, is the analyst at avondale that recently downgraded it. he was on cnbc a while ago pumping it.

i will make a call and see what he thinks about it. are you long? short? what's the premise you are working on.
I'm long and will be longer tomorrow if it hits it's 200 day MA.

It's getting smacked because an idiot analyst (not Jackson, is he ex-Bradford?) has put the word out that it's in "slowdown" thanks to its biggest customers' mortgage loan problems.

Horse shit I say. I bought a bunch in the teens originally and have always regretted not buying more as it ratcheted up. Now I have my chance, and will more than double my holdings tomorrow, probably at the open.

60% gross margins and 30% annual growth. What's not to like?
no, ex SunTrust Equitable
he just upgraded it. sean is good. knows his stuff. i am buying too
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