Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Fly Buy: FUQI

I bought 5,000 FUQI @ $11.38.

Disclaimer: If you buy FUQI because of this post, this blog will cease to exist. And, you may lose money.

you crazy bastard
You gonna throw out some picks like I asked fuck face? Or, are you gonna just sit there and waste my time you fucking idiot.
You want sucky fuqi?
Knob? You there? Hello?
Oooh, crude you scare the hell out of me with your internut taunts. Go fuck yourself in a big vat of oil, you big irrelevant dumbass.
Give me some stock picks damnit.
RIMM blew the hell up.
Ok here goes, GOL, FOLD, and ARAY. Do some due diligence so you don't get your mustache blown to pieces
no worries. I also like SCON.
Ahh huh huh huh. Heh heh, heh. He said "FUQI."

Heh heh.
Fly, time to eat a hot pocket.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pimping Chinese jewelry, I see. Industry growth floats around 5%, what I read. FUQI's pencil thin mustache having underwriters raise some concern about their quality and skills. As trends are these days commodities aka gold is selling higher. This could impact FUQI's shiny, high-end, knick knacks they are trying to push; squeezing their margins significantly. Perhaps Longtop NYSE:LFT is a better Chinese IPO Burrito. Any thoughts.
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