Friday, October 26, 2007


Fly Buy: JCG

I bought 2,000 JCG @ $35.43.

Disclaimer: If you buy JCG because of this post, Santa Claus will break your jaw this Christmas. And, you may lose money.

Fuck. BlUD fucking busted my jaw. Where the hell's Jake?
shed - you are a chart guy, no? how could you be in Blood?
Yeah, chart said "sell" and I didn't sell all. Should've even though this is bullshit.

Fucking government. Antitrust laws are some of the most abused out there. Someone knew something was going on, though... trust the farking chart!
Bruce, it looked to be consolidating around the 50 day. At yesterdays levels, my position was down like a percent or 2. No big deal. I'm trying to apply more patience with positions and let things play out. So far, I've gotten punished EVERY time for that strategy. Another example: BWLD.
I meant no big deal that it was consolidating and I was down a small percentage. Today is a big deal.
Shed, don't beat yourself up. This is a black swan kind of thing. The fact that it's horseshit pisses me off. This is not the first time they've been fucked with, btw.

I know one of the founders of BLUD and he's a good man.
I know, that and a handful of horseshit might improve my tamatahs next summer.

The VDSI link I referred to
BIDU flirting with a break at 350 ... 400 next stop
What pisses me off Jake is that BLUD has been trading for the past week or two as if bad news was on the horizon. The company beat and provided good guidance. So why was it selling off? Now I fucking hate conspiracy theorists, but sometimes you've got to wonder what a fucker in the FTC would get from hedgefunds for that knowledge.
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ABK is ???
Crude - you still like APAGF ?
Bruce, nice Mozilo photo. That shit never gets old.
Shed, word was definitely out.
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