Friday, October 05, 2007


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 3,000 MVIS @ $4.69.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, the next time you cook with olive oil, the entire bottle will fall and shatter onto the kitchen floor. And, you may lose money.

Bot a ROV from the mvis website store. should see news on monday of availability
Fly, I order you to revise your disclaimer. It sucks on this one.
What kind of grammar was that?

Fuck off rib-eater.
Grammar? Huh?

That's fine. I thought you were above sub-par disclaimers. Have a good weekend, hat fucker.

pirate capital is finished and you know that.

That really happened to you didn't it?

Don't bullshit me, now.

You would never have written something like that if it hadn't happened.

It's too personally annoying to forget, yet not funny enough to not be true, hence the expiation on the alter ego site.


its dark humor you cocksuckers
No, it really did happen.

A fucking mess it was cleaning that shit up.

Good thing I have a cleaning lady.

She must have had a tough time.

Off to eat a pizza.
So I guess that's a "fuck you, Jake was right" to little Danny, then?

Just checking.

Danno, I got the perfect college tee for ya.

Guaranteed to repel campus gendarmes.
Greetings Fly bruddah from the big Island. I have seen the future and it is MVIS. Don't get down on this one. Patience. The wave is building and will be massive. A friggin Tsunami to ride into the beach and to peace. MVIS is the next AAPL. Laugh now. Cry later if you don't own some tasty shares. Only a little longer till the crest comes.
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