Friday, October 05, 2007


Fly Buy: OIIM

I bought 2,000 OIIM @ $16.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy OIIM because of this post, your barber will accidentally shave the top of your head. And, you may lose money.

"O2Micro International maintains an extensive portfolio of intellectual property with 7,806 patent claims granted, and over 9,000 more pending."

All worthless, no doubt.

Fly, you get a tip on OIIM? looks awfully expensive...
CCC - they do environmental cleanup globally ... specifically china, brazil, medico

good chart, breaking out
"The Fly" knows all about CCC:
""Fly, you get a tip on OIIM?""

of course he did, just like his tip on NTRI having a great quarter, or ARWR making him rich this summer, or a buyout of IIG, or ERTS and GOOG agreement...LOL, just joking with ya fly..hehehe
Fly - u still own it? still like it?
Stay away from triple C.

It's in Mussussup.

'Nuff sed.
Whoseya bahbah?

Fekkin' Geranny-mo?
CCC is in pitts, pa

high short pos
Brucie-- Not talking about the HQ, but their largest US plant. Post-Katrina it was under water, and the management response that ensued is what gets you your no-confidence high short position.

Not saying it's not an attractive takeover candidate, but that's buying a lotto ticket.
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