Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Fly Magic: MVIS

I command MVIS to trade higher.


Odd no?

What does "odd. no? mean exactly. Does it mean odd no as in not, or odd no as in know. please help me understand.
jumpie, for that, you will need to do a google search on "ducati998."

Or, you could search moneyskater's blog for references to Grant.
Odd no means isn't it amazingly unbelievable.
Its a Euro thing. No

I used to have customer from Germany who had really broken english. After every statement he would end it with word NO. This is a great area of Town NO. We have great parking they should come to my restaurant NO.

I love talking that way but my wife now forbids it. Odd No

But in literal terms he is asking a question.
"Odd yes or no?" he's leaving out the yes.

In spanish when someone asks a question, at the end of a sentence it is ended with "verdad" which means truth. Many spanish speaking people use the word "no" at the end of a question when they speak english.
Other great catch phrases-- this one is an old family favorite.

"Am I right" Like --Joey needs to get out of the house and finish his education--Am I Right..
Or-They reported great numbers the stock should be higher.. Am I Right.
Thanks guys that helps alot no?
Verdad means truth or true so when they ask a question they mean is it true or not.
It's just substitute for the affirmative...

Say instead: "Odd, yes?" Or "Odd, right?"

In each case you are seeking affirmation of oddness.

Down here where I live now they say:

"Purty phukked, hmm?"
KC -- that's very Jersey.
I may be full of shit on this but I have some of my stocks creeping into the green zone. Sould we have a nice turn around that crushes the shorts? Best performing amongst the greenies is CYD that Chinese engine manufacturer - odd, no?
SCON busting the sternums of more than a few shorts.
Watching C and WM coming back from the living dead.
GG & SA never down that much to begin with... if Ben drops helicopter cash, look out.
NEM,HL are the strongest golds today for a daytrade, although I would watch for a dollar rebound as a floght to safety.
HL isn't even a gold, but we'll give you a pass for the silver.
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