Monday, October 22, 2007


Fly Sell: EPD

I sold 1,000 EPD @ $31.28.

I can't take much more on MVIS. I am going to unload my 30,000 shares soon. Sorry but the potential for losses on it are not worth it. Evidently they still have some issues managing the stock price for it to fall this far after that contract. I will keep a little for the long term though incase Tokman decides to quit fucking around and crushing shareholders.
Not gonna stop you.

Although I believe the stock will be much higher come January, the company almost deserves to have its stock hit, considering the vacuum they've been living in.
Quit kissing Ben's ass.

Is Compellent a good comp with the Equallogic you mentioned a couple weeks ago?
My Amen was for your comment.
lol...oh fuck....
Fly you get my email?

New email:
XFML is exhibiting technical bottom signals worth taking a shot at if you're not already in
Maggot, CML is comparable in terms of what they provide however the difference to be noted here is cost. The cost of their devices is more than Equallogic and the complexity is much more as well. Additionally I don't know a single person who uses their products, I do know people who use EMC, NetApp and Equallogic so that might say something as well. CDW is a big driver of sales for these products too. Compellent doesn't have much if anything sold through CDW, Equallogic has everything. So while the products are comparable I would say the distribution channel targets are different. I am looking for the channel of IT that has around 500k to 150k to spend per year on IT. That will be who buys Equallogic. And let me tell you the number of people in that banding is huge. Its like selling to the small to middle class company, not the fortune 100.
Thanks GAP. CML also targets the underserved small to medium business market. Scorching revenue but it will be a couple quarters before they turn a profit. Sounds like you believe Equallogic has the edge. I'm keeping them both on my watch list.
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