Friday, October 26, 2007


Fly Sells: NYX, PG

I sold out my NYX and PG positions.

Jamiroquai: Feels Just Like It Should
Van Morrison: When God Shines His Light
No Doubt: Hella Good
ZZ Top: Sharp Dressed Man

iPod Story:
as an aside, I was in a severe car accident in Jan '06. A full sized pickup truck blew through a red light and t-boned me. Vicious hit. Folded my car in half. Luckily noone was with me or they'd be dead. I walked away...

...with my iPod...

which suffered serious's bent but keeps playing. I still use it.

I think my iPod has some space alien magic mojo on it. It just played

U2 Beautiful Day.

Holy FUQI Batman, what happened to that shitpiece of a stock? Any ideas Broker?
I fast forwarded...

Divinyls: I Touch Myself.

Ok. I'll stop now. Eh...gotta go to the restroom.
FUQI is an absolute piece of shit broken down IPO. I took a stab at a little and will now puke it out and move on. Life's to short to fuck with this kind of bullshit.
I agree hth, I took a stab and got gutted nicely, will be out of that mother monday morning.
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Confucious say:

Wise mon cannot expect to get a rittre FUQI without collesponding "SUQI."
PM alert.

Out of all of the "good" PM stocks I watch (ie, "not anything that digs or sells parradium"), SA was the vast underperformer.

This could signify that they've got something ugly in the curtains, but more likely, it was just a "burp day."

In any case, it might be an opportunity on Monday if this whole kookoo for cocoa puffs PM thing is ongoing, viz, etc.

Also watch: RGLD... this thing moves extrely fast in both directions.
why'd u sell nyx?

and pg? too boring, too much of an old mans pension type stock?
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