Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Frank Sinatra - Both Sides Now

That song is so freaking gay, only a real man like Frankie could pull it off without sounding gay.

Nah .. just kidding ... he sounds like he's getting ready for arears entry.
Joni Mitchell's cover makes it sound almost not gay
Late night thought?
I was just about to get all up in Brucie's face for calling the Chairman a pillow-biter... until I listened to the clip.

Are we certain that's not Joe Piscopo doing one of his parody routines?
He must've owed Frank Costello vig money or something.

I have a nice "late night thought" for you. Your blog is gay.


Oh, and your patents are worthless.

any opinions on cramer getting off 3 of his 4 horseflies?
DT, did you pick up any VMW? That's what I thought.

VMW is gay.

So is the VO.
Rage in the Cage -- nice call on that ISRG. Very nice.

Go sere yourself a nice double winged nutria ribeye.
Okay, now that's a low-blow.

Let's make up. Nice buy in VMW. Also, great hold in AAPL.

Your blog rules.

Thanks Jake.
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