Thursday, October 25, 2007


Fuck You: Take the "Fly Survey"

Take it now. It's on the left hand side.

Thus far, 80%+ of you idiots are bullish. Hence, the market goes down.

Big surprise.


Hey fucker, why would anyone come to a site with Fuck You Shorts, You're Dead, and then vote Bearish?

Just saying...maybe your poll is a little skewed by a sampling error.
Short-term bearish but the Fed takes us higher after the next meeting.
This necklace of castrated bull testicles is getting heavy.

BOOM shorts in 2 hours
Hey, I'm gonna be in the Albuquerque / Santa Fe area on clandestine trip next Tuesday. Where to get excellent chili verde is the question. Any comments would be most appreciated. No texmex bullshit, please.
I'm riding your call, big six and the bone.
What is the timeframe, today? this week? this month? the next 12 months?

clarification needed, no?
I'd recommend you try to visit Christ in the Desert Monastery outside Santa Fe. I lived with the monks for a week over the summer. They live in silence and have prayer round the clock. It was a very profound visit.

The drive is enough to make it worth your while. Joining the monks in silence is a bonus...and it puts things in perspective.

Don't know about green chili.
I guess the only question I have is..

Are the monks long Boom?
Broker: Make XFML go up. I command you.

Actually, I wouldn't mind it below 6 to top off my losing position.
I hope you aren't serious. That sounds really fucking weird doing that shit Boomer. Were you on acid?
Look at BIG MVIS with that penny... oh wait, 2 pennies as of this post.
I'd take 2 cents everyday for a couple of months.

Boomer that trip probably contributes to your Hi-Def Time machine like dreams.

Wow some really ugly shit going on out there.
Hey, at least MVIS isn't down 10%+, like half the yesterday's "earnings plays."
this market is o "ODD NO?"
Monks are long solar, apparently. They live off solar energy.

I can see how that would sound weird. A dear friend is an Anglican priest. I visited with him during his annual retreat there. It was strange at first, but very fun. Takes a lot of self discipline and control to remain silent for a week. And I mean silent, not just not talking...but even being aware of your clothes moving, etc. Very different experience. Read up on Pascal, did some manual labor, sat and listened to the prayers...incense...the whole thing. Hiked. It was cool.
boomer - they are silent on the outside but noisy inside

they force themselves not to speak because they want something .. they want god, heaven, enlightenment, liberation, whatever you want to call it

you want money to buy your heaven on earth, they want god .. the common element is 'wanting' .. no difference

don't be fooled by that silence act ... its become their pleasure like its mine to watch porn
That doesn't sound weird at all Boomer. Finding inner peace is admirable and I'm all for it.
Porn is one of my great pleasures ass well, Thats why I can't wait for MVIS to come out with that damn projector so I can watch it on my wall
bruce: you are exactly a point. i found myself full of disdain for them. i thought of how easy it was not to have to manage money, a career, family, kids, life... that there's was not the "hard" choice, rather the "easy" one.

while they putz around on the hill...I have to suffer Alec Baldwin in NYC.

later i thought... to each his own. if that is what they want, fine. its not what i want. although i do take matters of faith seriously, i do not take their brand of it at all.

it was a broadening life experience. that is all i am trying to say.
maybe time for some weekend blogging, broker? would you care to reinstate me this weekend?
sure, exactly, to each his own

I'm not criticising, just pointing out that its no different than pursuing anything that one wants

I'm sure it does create some sort of effect for a visitor
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